View Full Version : Audio Logic PA88A Psycho Acoustic Analyzer

12-23-2011, 10:36 AM
Anyone have any info on this vintage rack-mount enhancer? :huh I got it on eBay for less than $20 including shipping. :rotflmaoI'd really like the manual, but failing that, maybe someone can tell me what the controls do. I imagine the manufacturer no longer exists.

The pic shows the controls on one of the two channels. (In the pic two of the buttons are broken but on my unit they are fine.)
There are one dial and seven buttons as follows.

Dial: Level
Buttons: in/out, mix/solo, +solo/-phase, mode A, mode B, mode C, mode D.

My guess is that Level controls the amount of enhancement or maybe it's a volume control. In/out probably is a bypass switch. +solo/-phase I guess switches the plus and minus (phase invert) on that channel. But mix/solo I have no idea, and the four mode buttons I have no idea either. Anyone have knowledge or educated guesses?

Thanks! :p

PS I meant Psycho Acoustic Processor, not Analyzer, in the title, duh. :bonk
PPS There are more pictures of the unit here: http://soundzavl.com/processors.html