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01-02-2013, 10:59 PM
I am not sure what to say about Xaviere and Agile guitars rather than the fact that they are just like squires.
Im not sure which guitar to buy though so if you have experience with any of these or just have some knowledge can you help me out?

Squire Vintage Modified Jazzmaster?

Xaviere XV-JT100 or Xaviere XV-910

Agile Al-3010SE Gold P90

I need to know that Im not wastin my money on one of these

01-02-2013, 11:12 PM
I've played a Squier VM Jag, and I don't like Jags. It's a good guitar. I've never played Xaviere guitars, but I may buy one b/c they are cheap and I can spruce it up or dump it. I'll buy one used, probably, but I like some of the GFS components, I've just never played one of their guitars. I've worked on and played a few Agiles and they are pretty good guitars. I like 'em and would own one if I found one at a great price, but I have about 2 dozen guitars and am focusing on upgrading my shop and my home, so I won't be buying any guitars right off the bat. I'd say probably, and again, this is a blind guess, but a somewhat educated one from some experience with two of the three, and from reading a great deal about these models, I'd say the Jag or the Agile are your best bet. I'm really liking quite a few of the Squier VM or classic vibe guitars and am wanting a VM tele and a CV tele. You probably won't waste money on the Squier or the Agile. They are both pretty good budget guitars. I get a sense the Xaviere may not be on par, but I've never played one, and they are supposedly getting better. I'd play what you can and buy what speaks to you.


01-02-2013, 11:32 PM
The advantage of the Squier is that you can try one in a store A/B against Fender, Ibanez, or whatever, and get a good Idea of how it sounds and feels in context.

01-02-2013, 11:36 PM
The brand new Squiers are made to an incredible quality for the money. The models that are a step up from the pack models can range to being on par with guitars that cost 2x as much in the Fender line. And they have very good resale value. The other guitars you will have to plan on keeping forever, as they have zero resale value.

Consider: Fender owned and designed v.s. two random c - d level market companies.

01-03-2013, 12:17 AM
Consider: Fender owned and designed v.s. two random c - d level market companies.

There is absolutely nothing special about "Fender owned and designed". Nothing. At all. Whatsoever. That goes double when you're talking about guitars that most likely source parts from the same places, if they're not already built in the exact same place. Fender's stewardship means nothing in regards to the quality of the instruments produced overseas. They can churn out turds all day and people will buy them because the magic Fender name is tangentially associated. It's BS. Fender doesn't make the guitars they simply provide plans and have someone else do the work. They might have to meet Fender's quality specifications but that means nothing. They aren't special. They don't fart sparkles.


I have two of the VM series Squiers. One is the VM Jag, the other is the older VM Jazzmaster (with the Dan-O style bridge). They're both fairly well made, I've definitely paid more for less guitar, but they DO have problems. The Jag/Jazz bridge is a horrible design from the word go but when you make a cheap knockoff version of a horrible design it just gets exponentially worse. I ended up replacing the godawful rattly stock bridge with a ToM and filing the piss out of the tailpiece until it stopped breaking strings. The nut needs to be replaced, it is complete junk, but I haven't done so quite yet. The pickups on both models are quite nice, the Jag sounding the better of the two. The problem I have with the Jazzmaster's pickups is just that they're so out of balance with each other tonally. You get a nice thick rhythm tone from the neck, you get a nice upper midrange honk from the bridge, but switching from one to the other is jarring. Combined they do sound quite pleasant.

Also I noticed a couple of days ago that the neck on my Jazzmaster was severely twisted. I'm doing a bit of therapy on it right now to see if I can improve it any. If not I'm simply going to call up Warmoth and get a 24.75" conversion neck. :D Given that all my guitars are stored on a stand in the same place it just goes to show what I've said all along that if a neck wants to twist it will, no matter what you try.

I recommend the Squier VM Jag and Jazz only if you like working on your guitars. They're solid platforms but definitely need some TLC to be workhorses. It was worth it for me because I love working on 'em but if you don't have the skills AND don't want to gain them I'd say given them a pass. If you want to learn how to work on them though, grab a couple and have fun. :D

Agiles... I have never had an issue with. I have never personally OWNED one, but I have played many and know several people that do own them. I wouldn't say they're completely without fault (a pickup swap is recommended for most models) but they're still pretty damn good. Hrm... Actually, I don't own any LP style guitars... might have to remedy that come payday.

Xavieres... I've only had my hands on one 335 style for any length of time. Very solidly built. Even the insides looked clean which is more than I can say for any Epi 335 I've seen. The neck was the big chunky style that I absolutely hate but those with larger hands would love. What really impressed me was the fit and finish. I'd put it at kind of an in-between level. It wasn't as good as a Gibson but it was miles better than an Epi. Playability was very nice and it had a surprisingly loud acoustic voice as well. I was actually surprised by how well built it was.

None of these guitars will be a waste of money. They're going to sound and play just fine. You might want to make modifications at a later time but all of them will do well out of the box. You shouldn't be giving a raging damn about resale value at this price point because you're never going to get it. I know I sure as hell wouldn't pay $200 for a used Squier when a new one is only $100 more. But yeah, you'll be okay with whatever you get from these companies.

We live in a great time.

01-03-2013, 12:31 AM
They don't fart sparkles.

I laughed really hard at this and Im not quite sure why... :rotflmao

01-03-2013, 12:50 AM
They aren't special. They don't fart sparkles.

Oh yeah? Then explain this:



The quality level v.s. price of the current Fender Squier is going to be better 100% of the time going head to head and list price to list price in those brands. This wasn't and isn't always the case. But the same could be said about the Xavier and Agiles v.s. Epiphone.

The component groups on similar featured guitars are lower on the Agiles v.s. the Epiphones, on models that are meant to be MSRP in similar prices.

While all brands may share similar or same factories or similar or same components, the sheer buying and distribution power and manufacturing arrangements and quality control of the Fender / Epiphone products tend to deliver a better product. Again this can change product level to product level, but at this point the construction quality for the last model year line of Squier products is almost unbelievable for the price points. Soft spots can be tuners, necks that have truss rods fiddled with incorrectly, and people who shouldn't be allowed to have a Jazzmaster vibrato. ;)

But again, I used to be the guy that would have to tell people with Agiles and X-guitars that we wouldn't give them any money for them at the second biggest music chain in the USA. Which made me feel like a jerk. But there you go. Perhaps seeing the state that most of them wound up in made me biased against them. Personally I think people should save up for a USA made guitar. Especially with USA Gibsons now sometimes being as cheap as $250 used.

*edit* I haven't played the new Xaviere XV-910. From the pictures it looks similar to the Samick / Hamer Echotone models in make and manufacture. Some of these guitars are quite good. But then again you can find used Epiphone Sheratons that were made in Korea for very very cheap right now, and they are pro-level guitars used by touring musicians as a road instrument on a very well documented basis. Also the Agile model I looked up that you listed claimed in one listing to be Mahogany and another to be Agathis and another to not be listed. I don't think it's mahogany from the photos that I saw. But all three of these guitars are completely different disciplines so it's not really fair to compare them.

01-03-2013, 08:42 AM
Everything I've heard about Xaviere is that they're good after putting in a little work.

Dunno about Agile and Squier is quality for the money.