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01-11-2011, 09:37 PM
I got an old Peavey Artist VT a while back that I really like. I've just been playing around with running my pedal board into the Power Amp In and am enjoying the sound with my board. It seems that running into the Power Amp In without anything going into the Preamp bypasses even the Master Volume and the effects board becomes the only level hitting the fully open Power Amp section. Is that correct? Any idea on these amps what impedance would be "best" to hit the Power Amp In with? I'm thinking in terms of if my last pedal should be one with lots of gain or I should try a mic-preamp w/ built-in DI and unbalanced out or. . . Also, of course, am I screwing something up? :) Below is the relevant section of the manual that is difficult for me to understand given the way that I'm bypassing the Preamp entirely. Any advice is greatly appreciated! :aok


01-12-2011, 12:31 PM
Just to follow-up: I decided to try giving Peavey customer service a quick call and spoke with Roger there. This is the second time I've called them about an amp that is about 30 years old and both times they have been incredibly cool and helpful. Peavey! Peavey! Peavey! Peavey! Gimme a P! Gimme an E! . . .

OK--in case anyone has this issue in the future--I kind of confirmed what I suspected above: The Preamp Out is after almost everything including the Master Volume. So, it's going to be a quiet signal unless you're cranking your pedals or your last pedal also works as a pre-amp and brings it way up to normal pre levels.

Other than that these jacks are very versatile both on the output (as stated in the manual) and on the Power Amp input as I just confirmed--it's a high impedance input, so you can plug just about anything from guitar/pedal type gear to rack/pro type gear into it. The main difference will be the rack/pro/preamp type gear will (as you'd expect) typically be able to crank the level up to a level more normal level to be hitting the power section.

NOTE: I am not a tech. Just wanted to update my post for others who may find this useful and feel more comfortable screwing with these jacks, as I now do. :aok

01-12-2011, 03:30 PM
The pre-out/power in jacks are usually line level, and suitable for use with rack effects. Some stomp effects will also work, but others will be overdriven as they are designed to work with a guitar level signal, which is much lower. Try each one on its own in the loop and see what happens.