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06-15-2011, 08:53 AM
I have a crisis going on with my mim strat! My truss rod nut is stripped and I can't get it off. It isn't the threads that are stripped, it is where you insert the allen wrench. I bought the guitar this way and didn't realize it until the other day when I went to change the setup a bit. How could someone do this??? Why would you ever tighten it up so much that you would strip this nut? Owell, it's done now and I have to fix this problem asap! What is the best approach to getting this out and where can I find a new one? Are there differences between mim and usa nuts? Thanks in advance guys and girls.

06-15-2011, 09:16 AM
I've found that a torx wrench (you can pick up a set from an auto spares or hardware store) can do the trick, if you select the right size. The star shaped end of the torx can grab the rounded out hex nut better than a hex wrench!

06-15-2011, 09:17 AM
Try a torq wrench, that sometimes works as the size is a little bigger then a allen key. You can also try an easy out, if there's enough meat to grab onto

Or you can look at this tool, never tried it but it may be the best way to fix it


06-15-2011, 09:23 AM
Try this first:

It is an allen key that tapers to slightly oversize. I have used it on many stripped or about-to-strip Fender truss rod nuts. I ground a little of the tip off my Gripper so I get to the oversize part sooner.

06-15-2011, 12:10 PM
is the nut removable on the MIM fenders? That is one thing I DO like about the Gibson/Heritage/Hamer/ETc style nut: it's brass and easily replaceable if it gets mangled, and since it is brass it'll wear out before the truss rod threads do.

06-15-2011, 06:04 PM
Thanks for the replys. I'm going to give the torq or easy our a go. One of those should get the job done. I'm assuming that the nut comes off... Doesn't it????? If not I guess it's set up as good as it's going to get. Hopefully it will come off. Iguess I'm going to find out!

06-15-2011, 09:53 PM
ok just faced this myself. I was considering drilling out the rosewood plug and replacing the allen head slug on the trussrod but took a last shot at it with a standard flat head screwdriver. lightly tapped it down into place then was able to set the proper tension on the rod. obviously not "fixed" but it saved me a lot of time work and money and the guitar is now set up perfectly and plays like a dream. The proper way would be drilling out the rosewood plug removing the allen head slug, replacing it and then regluing in a new rosewood plug then refinishing the headstock. Im happy with the way it turned out for me. again it was a last ditch effort.

06-15-2011, 10:02 PM
I had exactly the same problem with a new American Strat. In the end it had to be sent back to Fender for a replacement. No allen key I had would fit the thing, it was between two sizes. Either the factory or the store I bought it from must have stripped the nut trying to flatten the board.

06-15-2011, 11:14 PM
I had this problem with an AmSeries tele. I thought the reason the nut was stripped was that it may have run out of threading, but that wasn't the case. I bought the gripper (tapered hex tool from the stewmac link in the post above), and the problem was solved. The reason the nut was stripped was that it took a lot of force to turn the rod which was very tight. But the gripper did not slip at all and is the perfect tool for fixing this problem. Definitely get it.