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  1. oxtone

    oxtone Member

    Sep 14, 2005
    Edina, MN

    Since we have a Worst live shows thread, just thought I'd start a new thread about the BEST live shows we all have seen! So, here goes:

    Best concerts I saw (back in the 70's, in the Mpls. area):

    Grand Funk - very first concert! Awesome energy from Mark and the boys.
    Lynyrd Skynyrd (3x) - saw their first tour; had more of a country sound then.
    The Who - Pete's tone was GREAT with Hiwatt stacks!
    CSN & Y - fantastic acoustic set with indredible vocal harmonies. Then they rocked in the 2nd set!
    Wishbone Ash - one of my all-time favorite shows! The melodic guitars were very memorable!
    Marshall Tucker Band - saw the original line up, and Toy Caldwell was superb!
    Jethro Tull - Martin Barre's guitar playing was great, with Ian raising the leg to play Flute.
    Johnny Winter And - 2nd concert I ever saw. Johnny just ripped, and Rick Derringer rocked! Johnny had a wall of Fender amps.
    Outlaws - Green Grass & High Tides, forever! R.I.P. Hughie and Billy....
    Deep Purple - early 70's, Met Sports Center, Blooomington, MN. LOUD, with Ritchie's wall of Marshall stacks.
    Frank Zappa - incredible musicianship from Frank and the band. He threw rubber chickens out in the audience.
    Climax Blues Band (5x) - they always opened major tours, and Pete Haycock's tone was cool with the Veleno!
    Doobie Bros. - incredible vocal harmonies and guitar playing.

    In recent years:

    Eric Johnson
    Joe Satriani
    Peter Frampton
    Johnny A.
    Andy Timmons
    Robben Ford
    Larry Carlton
    Vital Information
    Steve Morse Band
    Gov't Mule
    Dixie Dregs
    Allman Bros.
    Derek Trucks Band
    Scott Henderson
    Jazz is Dead
    The Jazz Ministry
    Hamilton Loomis
    Phil Keaggy
    Dogs of Peace
    Lincoln Brewster
    The 77's
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  2. Nick67

    Nick67 Member

    Jun 8, 2008
    Two moments that stand out. Both at The Chance theater in Poughkeepsie,NY. 1983 I believe, Stevie Ray Vaughn just "broke" and as a young teenager I went alone to the gig.I parked it up against the stage directly in front of SRV since I got there early. No more than 2 feet from Stevie, watching him play. He kept looking down and smiling and nodding at the chunky,dorky teenager in front of him. He knew I was awestruck and appeared to really appreciate what he was doing. The other moment was in 1997 when Motorhead played,and a bunch of 30 somethings were sining along to "Iron Fist". He gave a nod to us. We were just thrilled.
  3. nls21

    nls21 Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2009
    +1 on Derek Trucks Band --- (not enough people know about his band)

    (i might get hated on for this) but i got dragged to a Coldplay show and i thought it was really good. they know how to put on a show. And everyone in the audience got a free live cd.... Hate on them all you want.... but you cant agrue thats not pretty cool.

    (never thought id be mentioning DTB and coldplay in the same post (haha)
  4. LavaMan

    LavaMan Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 8, 2005
    Owasso, OK
    Rush 1978, 1992 and 2007
    Black Sabbath/BOC 1981
    SRV 1985, (front row) 1987
    U2 2010
  5. JSeth

    JSeth Member

    Jan 11, 2008
    Corvallis, Oregon... "Heart of the Valley"...
    Here's a few of 'em... priviledged to "come of age" in Southern California, in the 60's and early 70's...

    - the Swing Auditorium (San Bernardino, CA)

    Elton John (trio) opening for Leon Russell (approx. 40 people on stage, including Delaney and Bonnie, Rita Coolidge, George Harrison, Dave Mason...!)

    Blodwyn Pig > Procol Harum (the "Home" tour, when Robin Trower realized he could actually PLAY the guitar!)> Leon Russell

    -the Olympic Auditorium, LA, CA (Bill Graham decided to do some shows at the home of Pro Wrestling and Freddy Blase, Gorgeous George, etc...)

    A Group Called Smith > Eric Mercury > Quicksilver Messenger Service (the original line-up w/ Dino Valente and Nicky Hopkins added!) > Ten Years After... I remember, after Quicksilver's set, turning to my buddy and saying "we may as well leave now; no way can the next act be as good"... I had not heard TYA at that point...

    -The Hollywood Paladium

    The Dead (acoustic) > New Riders of the Purple Sage > the Grateful Dead... EPIC show, 5 hours or something like that... amazing!

    Boz Scaggs > the Steve Miller Band (circa 1971)

    -the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, CA

    Jethro Tull (before all the hype and hoopla surrounding "Aqualung") - Ian Anderson absolutely gave everything he had, a total maniac on stage and a brilliant performance...

    The Allman Brothers @ the Whiskey A Go Go - with Barry and Duane (and Thom Doucette on flute and harmonica) - all the bro's on a stage that must have measured 8' x 12'! Last set of the evening, the only poeple in the place were me and my 2 friends, and the bartender and cocktail waitress... and they played like we were at Watkin's Glen in front of 50,000 fans!!!

    Led Zeppelin OPENING for Lee Michaels at Cal Irvine, for $4... first US Tour, they absolutely BLEW everyone's mind!

    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at the Greek Theatre in LA - Joni Mitchell opening. They were there for a week, this was the week after Woodstock... we paid the first night, then snuck in every night after that... was not even close to sold out!

    -Anaheim Stadium, CA...

    The Blues Image > John Sebastian > Leon Russell > THE WHO!!!!! This was "the Tommy Tour"... I am so glad I got to see these boys while Keith was still alive... undeniably one of the best Rock and Roll bands EVER!

    Little Feat @ the Topanga Corral, the kick-off for the "Waiting for Columbus" Tour... 3 or 4 hundred folks jammed into a 180 capacity cinderblock bar... WHAT A HOOT!

    There were a lot of others, but these were pretty cherry!
  6. RL in Fla

    RL in Fla Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Future Cleanup Site
    No contest - Early 70's - The Band , at the Civic Auditorium (symphony-class venue). Like you had headphones on .

    3-way tie for 2nd -
    twin bill - Dixie Dregs/Sea Level , same venue
    Emmylou and the Hot Band , ........ " "
    Original ABB at the Grand Opera House in Macon (more , but this was best)

    George Thoroughlygood @ Florida Theater
    Joe Bonamassa - Freebird Live (bar)
    Kathy Mattea opening for George Strait and Haggard ('88)
    Poco @ Atlanta Pop Festival

    too many R&B/Soul revues to list from '64-68 .
  7. skhan007

    skhan007 Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2007
    Ronnie James Dio- Merriweather Post Pavillion 1986 Sacred Heart tour...For $15, I saw Dio slay a dragon live on stage with a magic sword
  8. 8Painting

    8Painting Member

    Mar 16, 2007
    The Wood Brothers @ Martyr's in Chicago. Was sitting at a table so close, I was resting my arm on stage. Great atmosphere, great friends, great music.

    Close second is Cat Power @ The Vic. Chan was finally sober and the mood/music in the room was amazing.

    Third - Black Crowes Halloween 2005 @ the Riv.
  9. lawrencelcl

    lawrencelcl Member

    Apr 17, 2010
    Weezer in Hiroshima in 2002. Small venue packed with Japanese people all totally into it, and they killed it. Japanese fans are the best- dead silence in between songs so that you can pay attention to what Rivers was saying, and they all jumped up and down at the same time to the music, which shook the floors.
  10. nmiller

    nmiller Drowning in lap steels Gold Supporting Member

    May 4, 2008
    Rocky Hill, CT
    I saw Levon Helm a couple of years back in NYC. For those who haven't seen him recently, he's gaunt, grey and looks a lot older than he is. A delightful surprise, then, when the horns blasted out the opening riff to "Ophelia" and Levon proceeded to play and sing a funkier, more energetic show than any white dude should be able to, regardless of age. I'm pretty sure his vocal chords are made of Arkansas soil.

    Another great moment (at the same theater, actually) was when Paul Simon returned for an encore and, completely by surprise, introduced a guest star: "Ladies and gentlemen, my old friend Art Garfunkel."
  11. Roadeye

    Roadeye Member

    May 21, 2008
    Springfield, MA
    Jimi Hendrix - The Bushnell Auditorium, Hartford, CT - 1968. Bought a row of 7 seats for $21!!! Saw The Cream a few months later at The Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT. Those are the top 2 for me. Stacks and racks of Marshall amps! Both were supreme power trios.
  12. Marc Roy

    Marc Roy Member

    Nov 10, 2006
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Haven't seen too many concerts, but these will always stand out for me:

    King's X - Saw them in a club in 2004. There were maybe 200 people in the place. It literally changed my life. Fantastic musicians, kick-ass harmonies and nice guys to boot. They've been a favourite of mine since their first album, so I was stoked to see them live. It was loud as hell too. They stuck around afterwards for autographs to shoot the breeze with whoever wanted to talk. I asked Ty Tabor about his gear. Turns out he's as big of a gear head as everyone else.

    Travis Tritt - Saw them at the Corel Centre in Ottawa in 2001. He Put on a hell of a show (2 1/2 hours+ with no opener). Played his hits and a bunch of covers, and he even did a short accoustic set. Always loved the guy's voice. He can definitely play some guitar too (as can his sideman. Wendell Cox).
  13. PVH5150

    PVH5150 Senior Member

    Apr 21, 2010
    Somerville, MA
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Manchester NH, Verizon Wireless Arena, 11/15/09.
    There is nobody around today that has better musicianship & stage presence.
  14. pickaguitar

    pickaguitar 2011 TGP Silver Medalist Silver Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2005
    Best sounding concert I've ever been to....Pantera
    Sound was huge and right as could be

    Best X trip of my life was at a Page/Plant concert which was a killer show
  15. roadfilm

    roadfilm Member

    Jun 15, 2008
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Best rock show I've ever seen was The Who in 1975. Best overall show I've seen was Jack Dejohnette's Special Edition in 1980. Besides Jack the band had Arthur Blythe on Alto sax, David Murray on Tenor sax and bass clarinet and Peter Warren on bass. There are many others but those two always come to mind first.
  16. greggorypeccary

    greggorypeccary Member

    Feb 12, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    Lots of great ones, but the most memorable:

    Grateful Dead 3-22-90 Great late era show all around (Scarlet > Fire is on the So Many Roads box) but out of The Other One they broke it down and Brent started playing some beautiful chords on the piano and started singing Hey Jude (only time ever, not including twice in 69 w/Pigpen). Listening to Jerry & Brent playing that still gives me goosebumps.

    Springsteen 9-14-2003 - Hadn't seen him since 84, a couple weeks earlier I saw my mom for the last time before she died a few weeks later, and Bruce's music was so life affirming that I knew things would be OK.

    Another Springsteen - Flying up to Buffalo last November to see the last show on the tour. Almost 4 hours of the greatest rock & roll I've ever heard.

    Joni Mitchell in 98 - never thought I'd see her, just being in the room with her aura was...too much...

    But I've seen a lot of great shows over the past 25+years - U2, Phish, Santana, Los Lobos, various festivals, some jazz and blues greats (BB King in a club back in 84!) Dylan (also a worst...). Going to shows is what I do...
  17. buddaman71

    buddaman71 Student of Life Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 16, 2008
    OKC, OK
    Honestly, the best shows I've ever seen in my life were:

    Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood in 1990 - Pure, hedonistic FUN ROCK

    Keith Urban - x2 - both times amazing energy, playing, singing, guitar tone(!) and performance. Connects with the audience, even in arenas/stadiums like no one I've ever seen.

    Clint Strong jamming with Victor Wooten at NAMM LA around 97 or so in one of the side hallways. Only a few peeps standing around. They were jamming just for fun.

    It was beyond unbelievable to watch those two guys instinctively musically communicate.

    Eric Johnson at one of the very first G3 shows in Dallas maybe 96 or so. Tone was EPIC!
  18. skillet

    skillet Member

    Oct 2, 2007
    Republic of Texas
    The first concert I got to go to alone (well, had a 'date' of sorts, hottie who was the daughter of some friends of my parents, we grew up together; later had another 'first' with her, but that's a whole different story, heh; ahem) was Robert Plant on one of his solo tours, late-80s. You have to understand, I was a HUGE Zeppelin fan growing up, so this was a big deal for me and as close as I'd ever get to seeing Zeppelin live. Anyway, great concert; we were on the lower level (just above the floor) and pushed our way down to the rail, we were literally level with 'stage left' -- could have hopped the rail, tip-toed across some cabinets and been on the stage. At one point, Plant is singing a Zep tune and while everyone around me is rocking out and dancing, not really paying attention, he strolls over to our side of the stage (our section was the rowdiest and he showed us a lot of attention that night), he looks me right in the eyes from about 30-feet away and sings almost the entire song staring at me as I'm slack-jawed and holding onto the railing as if it will somehow save my 15-year old life. heh. So, yeah, I've never been able to top being serenaded by Robert Plant. heh.

    Second best was the first time I ever saw Tool, my 'other' favorite band. Had to take a roadtrip with a good friend to get to this show, we got to gabbing and missed an important exit and had to backtrack about 30-45 minutes to get back on course, heh. This caused us to be late, and with GA tickets we got stuck at the back of the room of this small auditorium. This place had a 2nd level, overhanging balcony, it was really low to the floor (could jump up and touch the 'ceiling' easily). It was incredibly loud, perhaps the loudest thing I've ever heard -- and the most interesting part was that the bass/soundwave was so concussive that being under that overhang, it literally smashed you in the chest -- I kid you not, at one point in the concert, we were leaning forwards a bit and getting pushed backwards, as if it was impossible to fall face first as the bass would knock you back upright before you got too far over, heh. This was in late-1994, just before Tool hit it big (like most, we got turned on to them in college when the video for 'Sober' debuted in 1993). This was back when Tool still did stuff like body paint themselves and Maynard (singer) would interact with the audience a lot. I've seen them over a dozen times since then (and have tickets to see 2 of their upcoming summer shows), and as amazing as their Lateralus tour was with the visuals, etc, that stripped down show in that POS auditorium was by far the greatest show I've seen them put on.
  19. Chris Scott

    Chris Scott Member

    Sep 1, 2006
    Playa Jaco, Costa Rica
    Was there for the Allmans at the Whiskey - you nailed the description pretty good, as we were wondering how they were gonna fit all that stuff on the stage on the drive in that night.

    Same for the Feat at the good ol' Corral...what memories.

    We must have crossed paths a few times - ever make it down to the Golden Bear in HB?
  20. Chris Scott

    Chris Scott Member

    Sep 1, 2006
    Playa Jaco, Costa Rica
    ...and come to think of it -

    Dominoes at the Santa Monica Civic. Delaney got up and wouldn't leave, and Eric was visibly pissed, and he played DB into the wall.

    Buddy Guy at The Golden Bear, at least 4 times, must have been '71 or '72.

    Mystic Nights of the Oingo Boingo, Whiskey, '77. Totally re-arranged my brain re. the concept of a live band.

    Taj Mahal, at my high school, '69. Hey - we had Buffalo Springfield, Iron Butterfly and Spirit as well!

    ...and the Feat countless times at Alley Rehearsal, just working out material while I sat up in the loft and enjoyed argueably the finest band I ever did hear...

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