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Originally Posted by Ampegasaur View Post
I am not a fan of the Jensen Neo, and I prefer flat response non colored speakers. EV12ML is my favorite, followed closely Eminence Deltalite II 2512 which is a Neo speaker. The Eminence has become my go to speaker for playing live, and weighs 7 lbs. I can soundly recommend it over any Neo speaker I have played. I have them in 1x12 Thiele cabs, 2x12 Whitebox Cab, and Mills Cab 4x12. Neos have gotten pretty pricey though over the last year.
Interesting. I compared the EVM12L and the Jensen Neo and found them extremely similar. I have two identical 2x12 cabs and loaded one with nice old broken in 12Ls (that was my gigging cab for a few months and it sounded great). Then after my back started to complain I got some Neo's and loaded them in the other cab to try out. I played around for quite a while with a box flipping back and forth and found that there were only minor differences between them, and those differences could easily be altered just by cab placement.

I was honestly quite shocked, as I didn't expect the little, light neo to be able to put out the kind of bass and range as the big, heavy EV, but that was my honest conclusion. I switched to using the Neo cab live and have been just as happy with the tone as before, only now I can lift the cab with two fingers...

Now, the Neo's aren't bombproof like the EV's, so I wouldn't expect the Neo's to hold up as well with heavy touring or something like that. They are more like an ordinary guitar speaker and nothing really beats the EV in that department. But I'm pretty careful with my gear and that's not really a concern at this point since I'm just playing around town... If I were touring and had someone to haul my gear I might go back to the EV's but it would be for reliability rather than any tonal differences.

Also, used Neo's run about $90... hard to complain about that price.

Just my experience of course...
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