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Originally Posted by B-Squared View Post
Looking forward to jamming with the band tonight on the OD3. I just installed some Sheptone Tribute humbuckers in the R9, and I'm really stoked about hearing them through the CA!

BB, you're going to be in tonal heaven with the Sheps! Nice pickups! I just threw a pair of Throbaks in my PRS, and I couldn't be happier with how that guitar now sounds with the OD3. Funny thing is, now that I've become so acclimated playing my OD3, no other amp seems to do it for me any longer.....well, except for the OD2.

Originally Posted by Carol-AnnAmps View Post
Depends on the configuration of the amp, top or bottom mount, left or right hand input. V1 is always furthest away from the power tubes regardless.
Yeah, I guess I was a little quick to answer that one, for I had forgotten that you've produced a few amps with "right-hand" input. Those must be the left-handed models.......LOL.