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Originally Posted by Laskyman View Post
The high gain sounds do for sure- which IMHO was the weakness of the GT10- I cant discern any CW from the GT100- and in the GT10 demo- *I* cant overlook it. If this GT100 eliminated the CW from OD/DIS/High Gain models, and kept intact the ability to completely customize the effect chain (parallel, series, etc)- this GT will be a great piece of kit- especially for those with an amplifier they really like. I have always been a fan of boss GT series- just lost hope with the 10 because of the CW.
If the GT sounds natural when running direct to FOH, i will probably own one. I for one am excited to check one out- that will be the true test for me.
I'm in a similar boat. I have always been a fan of the Boss/Roland sound and the GT-series. My first modeler was a Roland GP-100 which I played for about 6 years. I bought the GT-10 and even though I loved the effects and the flexibility, I couldn't get past the CW sound of some of the higher-gain amps. I'm hoping the GT-100 fixes this and that the amp models are as much improved as they keep saying they are.

I've tried and tried to get into the Line 6 stuff but there is something about the tones that I just can't get into. I even had a HD-500 for awhile, and while it was really good, I wasn't as impressed with it as I was hoping. I kept wishing it had different amp models. I wasn't very happy with the majority they decided to include.