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Originally Posted by Rambergwest View Post
Next time you have a rattle, buzz, whatever in your practice room try this, place a bag of sand on whatever is buzzing, rattling, etc.
Does the noise stop?
Thats resonance control, think of the dots as little bags of sand if it makes things easier. Mass loading is nothing more than a way to change the resonant signature of an object. It works, its an accepted fact and that is recorded. The size of the dots makes it hard to accept but there is plenty of ways to test it that produce verifiable results.
Your premise is sound.

However the implementation of the premises by use of the products under scrutiny is hard to believe at best and out and out fraud at worst. It probably does something...but I highly doubt that something is worth anything substantial...especially without some very intense vibration analysis to determine the resonant frequency and the area under resonance.
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