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Thumbs up Blankenship VARIPLEX In Action....Clips!

thought i'd share a really cool amp that i've had the chance of banging on and hearing live a few times recently!
this is from another board posted by a friend and fellow guitar player named dave phillips here in LA....
Originally Posted by RACKDOCTOR(Dave Phillips)
Well, here are the clips of the Blankenship Variplex I promised. First off, sorry for the sloppy playing. I was a little tense and playing a guitar that I wasn't use to. Anyway, here is the setup. I ran a reissue Les Paul with a Tom Holmes in the bridge into the Variplex dimed across the board dropped to 90 volts. The head went into a 70's Marshall cab with 25Watt Greenback reissues. It was then miked with a SM57. No EQ. Dry. Perfect mid-range. What you are hearing is all power tube distortion. No master volume. Hat's off to Roy Blankenship and Dave Friedman for designing an amazing amp.

and here's another clip that dave put online which has a little 'verb and panning added...

this amp is a really awesome machine.
hope you dig.

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