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Originally Posted by Sir Douglas T View Post
I don't believe that Guthrie would leave Suhr for Charvel. That's like trading in your Ferrari on a used Toyota Corolla. They will both do the job, but one is much more refined.
Well believe it! I just found out 3 days ago oddly enough after he played his first gig with it.
It didn't have anything whatsoever to do with displeasure in our instruments. He was very happy with the gear.
I wish him the best, he is a very talented musician and deserves success.
We will continue to offer the models and features he played just sans any signature.

In case there is any confusion I was only referring to Guthrie using a different guitar on tour.
From Guthrie...
I don't have any official guitar endorsement with anyone at this time - Charvel made me a prototype, I'm playing it on the current tour and we're discussing some ideas... but that's as far as it goes at this point.
John Suhr-President JS Technologies
Please email me if you have any question for me. Thanks

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