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I've had a EVM12L in a Boogie Mark II combo, and I have an 8" Jensen Neo in a Silverface Champ right now. So not a direct comparison, but here are my thoughts anyway:

- I loved the sound of the EV, but it was so crazy heavy that I hated moving the amp. The Mark II was heavy to begin with, but with that speaker the combo was over 80 pounds. The bass had a clear "chunk" that I've never heard with any other speaker.
- The Neo in my Champ sounds a lot like the Oxford that it replaced, but better. Definitely louder, better bass response, but still crystal clear. I had the voice coil replaced in the Oxford and was really disappointed in how it sounded compared to the Neo. However, I would put the Neo in the "Jensen-y" sound category. If you didn't like the P-12 and C-12 reissues, you may not like it either.

So for my purposes, even if I liked the 12L better I would switch it out for the Neo based mainly on weight. To my ears, the Neo is a great sounding speaker, but not like the 12L.
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