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Originally Posted by Rickfox View Post
Hey Guitardude!! Love that new Zion with the SSH pup set-up!! I have a Zion Powerglide that I bought from Ken back in 1986! It's got an EMG SSH
arrangement with a Floyd. I love this guitar still, but the EMG sound is getting very mid-rangy to me. I'm thinking of installing a Duncan SSH set. Can you please tell me what Duncans are in yours? There is so much to choose from on their website. I really need guidance!!
That guitar was a beauty! I had to sell off some gear to fund my wife's education. She is scaling back her paid work hours so she can devote more time to her studies. Thankfully, that guitar went to another TGP member who LOVES that guitar. It has Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups in the neck/middle position and a JB in the bridge. You will find a lot of Zion guitars have the JB in the bridge (just like this white one seen here). The Alnico II Pro single coil pickups blend well with the JB. A lot depends on what type of sound you are looking to get - vintage strat, modern, or higher output rock & roll. I have had several guitars (3 Zions) that had the Alnico_II Pro pickups (I have had both flat and staggered - just depends on your preference) and have been very happy with an overall vintage strat sound. Check out the soundclips on the Duncan site for strat style guitars.

Best of luck to you, Rick!