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Originally Posted by Lizard Leg View Post
Well, I emailed Jeff at GB this morning, and he has already responded to two of my emails. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the sounds I am getting out of this amp are just phenomenal and the high pitched whine really only happens with settings that I just cannot see ever being used.

Jeff basically said that I am experiencing internal feedback of the Reverb, since the Master Volume control is also the Reverb return control. If anyone out there with a BP30 wants to try it out for me, with everything plugged in normally but not playing - dime the master, put the volume about 2-3 o’clock, boost off, dime the reverb and then turn up the top knob. On mine, about 3 o’clock on the Top knob it starts squealing like crazy.

Again, the fact that Jeff emailed me on a Saturday says a lot about this company. I love the amp to death and have the chassis pulled and on my workbench so I can play around with tubes. Right now I have stock tubes everywhere except for V1 and V2. I have a NOS Sylvania in V1 and a EI in V2.

If anyone out there has never pulled the chassis to look inside, this is one neatly wired amp. The mil-spec’d boards are tough as hell and the way the traces are laid out to simulate a handwired amp is clearly visible. I took some pics if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the help ruger. BTW – if you want to have some fun, run a boost in the effects loop. I hooked up a ‘Dragon in the loop earlier and .
Lizard, that's great!!!

I have been singing the praises of this amp so long, and Guitar Player mag once had some pics of the internals... I would definately appreciate some photos!!!

I will try that for you as well to see if I can get the amp to do this... and get back to you.

The amp actually DID THIS the other night, but it was with my Japanese Strat and this Strat's wiring is on it's way out and crappy, and all my amps squeal with this guitar and louder volumes....

I have to upgrade the pickups/wiring.
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