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Old 03-28-2012, 09:29 AM
joelster joelster is online now
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I was gonna start a thread asking about guitars in tropical climes but I'll just chime in here instead.

I am currently vacationing at my folks' house on St. Thomas in the USVI (last day... boo-hoo). When I last came here, the December before last, I left my old Sigma behind so there would be a guitar in the house for myself or anyone else who was visiting. When I got here about two weeks ago the thing was in a pretty bad state. The strings were totally rusty and the fret board was pretty gunky around the frets but it was also very dried out with a chalky look to most of it. Where there are dings in the body the surrounding would has begun to darken. I gave her a good wipe down and oiled the fretboard. Baby oil was all I found. I know, but she's a beater. Later I wiped her down with a little furniture polish. Again, all I can find...

At some point in the past I had my mom find some desiccant capsules and throw them in the case. I'm sure that slowed the deterioration somewhat. I've tried in vain to find more while I'm here. I was originally going to ask how other folks deal with these issues but I think it's already been covered here in previous posts. I now know that I have condemned this guitar to its own slow demise. Like I said, it's a beater. I think the best advise given above was to buy cheap gear. I think if I were to ever move back down here (bloody fat chance of that) I would prolly sell off most of my good gear and buy a Mexican Fender and a re-issue amp or some such thing.

BTW, this house has no A/C either. But I think A/C's overrated anyway. Why go somewhere warm just to sit in air conditioning?

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Old 03-28-2012, 10:55 AM
guitarpedaladdict guitarpedaladdict is offline
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Originally Posted by Soul Man View Post
O.k., Hawaii beach guys, that's enough. Take this somewhere else. I'm surrounded by corn and you're making me mad.

Cheers, hard to have a whine fest from here... click on the youtube link I posted a few back, you will love it...
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Old 03-28-2012, 08:22 PM
Keyser Soze Keyser Soze is offline
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Buy a floor standing dehumidifier for whatever room you store your gear in - forget using the built in water receptacle, find a way to attach a hose for continuous drainage - otherwise you will be emptying it daily. Then keep that room/area closed up as much as possible.

The other thing you need to try to minimize is condensation. This will happen any time the object cools down (ie. at night) then gets exposed to warm, moist air before it has a chance to warm up - eg. when you take a guitar/amp out of it's closed storage case in the warm afternoon.

With gun safes the solution to this problem is a 'dehumidifying rod' which actually does nothing to remove water from the air, but instead is a small heating rod - one that keep the entire contents inside the safe a few degrees warmer that the outside - driving moisture away instead of attracting it.
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Old 04-30-2012, 08:43 PM
Saltocaster Saltocaster is offline
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What about coating all metal parts in some water proof oil or "anti salt stuff."?
I hear wd 40 is not so great. ( there's a second kind of wd40 for anti corrosion but I dunno) Gun oil? Coconut oil? Maybe a spray of fresh water and wipe or blow dry after a session? I already use gun oil for string contact points ... Does fine, I think.
I just moved to the big island, won't bring my SRV strat till I come to terms with this problem (I like my hardware and pickups) and I'm 20 feet above sea level and 100 yards from the water on the dry side of the island. 65% humidity seems usual, temperature stable.
Appreciate your helpful hints.
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Old 05-01-2012, 12:48 AM
guitarpedaladdict guitarpedaladdict is offline
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I've been living in Hawaii for 14 years now and unless you have a room with ac, honestly, you are just going to have to wipe your stuff down and put it away after playing AND live with the corrosion that comes with island living. I will say a window ac unit goes a long way in minimizing the effects of the weather.

I think I mentioned a few posts back - towels over your amp and pedal board are another affordable option to slow the effects of salt air.
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