Terms of Service and Rules

Rules of Conduct on TGP
Last Revised February 16, 2016

GENERAL RULES PHILOSOPHY: Before reading this, please read the Terms of Use agreement, which covers some things that are not covered here.

How We Handle Things: We do not search the forums looking for problems. We depend on the members to report problem posts via the reported posts function in our software. Please remember that our moderators are musicians, just like you, and that they are unpaid volunteers. A moderator may simply delete a post or might send you a notice/warning to remind you of the rules. If a post is really over the line in our opinion, or if we notice that you have to be reminded too often about our rules, you may be suspended or banned, depending on the circumstances. Please don't report posts that don't break our rules. Just because you don't like what was written isn't a reason to report the post. Such reports should only be made when a rule here is broken.

Basic Philosophy: From a moderation standpoint, there are no wrong viewpoints and the moderator may even agree with your viewpoint, but may need to take a moderating action because the post is written in a manner that violates the rules.


1. Don't Act Like a Jerk. Antagonizing other members or resorting to personal attacks is the most common reason for moderators to take action. Say what you need to say without insulting someone else. Following someone from thread to thread to argue with them or insult them is not allowed. Private Messages or emails are private but the same "antagonizing" rule applies. Posting someone's PM, email or personal information without expressed written permission is not allowed.

2. No bashing of other musicians. We are a community of musicians and slamming other musicians is truly poor taste. A lot of them are or have been members of this forum.

3. Not Allowed. Bigoted remarks, religious or political comments, trademark violations and copyright violations are not allowed. Photos and posts must be safe for work and for people as young as 13 years old. You may not offer to sell or promote any item that violates a trademark, even if you note that it is a replica, clone, copy or fake. This is illegal. We allow discussion of guns as objects, but discussion about their appropriate role in society is banned because of the political nature of that discussion.

4. No Spam. Posts for buying, trading or selling are only allowed in the emporiums. You must be a Supporting Member to post ads in our emporiums. Soliciting members via unsolicited Private Message or email is spam. Spam in signatures is still spam. If it's not music gear, it's spam. "Price check" posts that look too much like an ad will be deleted and treated as spam.

5. Only one user account per member. Multiple User IDs are not allowed and will convert a temporary suspension into a permanent ban if you open a new user account while under suspension. If you want to change your user name you need to contact an administrator to do that for you.

6. If you feel the need to mention a bad business dealing you’ve had with a company or individual, keep it professional. Do not get personal and don’t attack the people involved, just describe the situation factually. Personal attacks and insults can draw infractions, even if you’re right. We cannot verify claims of a bad business deal and such posts are the sole responsibility of the author.

7. Rules for Businesses. We encourage participation by businesses in answering member questions but are strict about spamming. Feel free to respond to direct questions about your products but please do not post about your products unless answering a direct question. Mentioning your products when not directly responding to a question about YOUR products is considered spamming. Mentioning prices or soliciting purchases in any way is considered spamming if outside of the emporiums. The only exception is that we allow businesses to post "tour box" (free try out) threads in regular topic areas because this is a benefit to members as long as there is no requirement to purchase.

a) We ask that you include your affiliation in your signature, which can include a link to your business website. This helps other members put some context to what you write. However, please do not list the products you sell in your signature and we do not allow signatures or posts to read like an ad. Keep font sizes reasonable!

b) Businesses are allowed to post ads ONLY in our Commercial emporiums. Ads must be for specific items and must include a price. If you want to post things like having a sale or mentioning new product lines you are making or carrying, or want to let people know that there is a waiting list, such posts should be done in the Builders & Retailers forum area, not in the emporiums. Please read the Emporium rules for additional information.

c) We do not allow businesses to post about their products on threads about competing products or to criticize, compare or make negative comments about competitors.

8. Do not argue with moderators. Moderators are volunteers who are musicians, just like you, and have a tough job. Please do not argue with them.

9. Legal threats. If you threaten or insinuate legal action against TGP or its staff, your time on TGP is over.

10. Emporium rules. There is a separate set of rules for the emporiums that are on each emporium area (sticky thread). Read them!

11. We don't delete user accounts. If you get booted or are unhappy with us, don’t ask us to delete your account or posts. You joined and posted on your own and we see no reason to have to spend time deleting things just because you're angry.

SUMMARY: Your membership to TGP is a privilege, not a right. If you don’t agree with the rules, you should find a discussion site that better meets your expectations. Although we value every member and want you to be here, if we feel that your membership hurts the experience for others, we may choose to suspend or ban you. We reserve the right to suspend or ban any member for any reason, not limited to the above rules.