Marshall has been sold

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Walrus budget line leak?

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I am not the person in this Reddit post, I just saw this.

Guy claims to have ordered a board from a "large online retailer", and instead of just a board.. received a board w/ a ton of unknown Walrus pedals. They seem to be a budget line (to compete w/ JHS's "Series 3"?)?

Possibly a demo board for making videos to be released around the same time as the pedal line is released ? Possibly upcoming NAMM? Could be total BS? I'm not a Walrus person, but these don't look familiar and some...

This is why I "dislike" Strats for gigging

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Despite me redrilling a new pickguard and repositioning the controls as far away from the strings as I could manage, I still managed to constantly turn my volume down at last night's gig. I'm on the neck pickup most of the night and do a lot heavy strumming, playing funky rhythms, and I kept dropping out from turning myself down.

What is the solution, besides not using that guitar at gigs ever again? I just tried putting rubber washers under the knobs but because I have CTS push-pull...

Best compliment you ever received about your playing?

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This thread isn’t meant to be about patting yourself on the back, but it IS nice when someone compliments you on your playing.

For me, I play in a tribute band (Bon Jovi). As we were taking pictures with some audience members after a recent gig, someone asked me if I had really studied Richie Sambora over the years as he felt I did a really good job playing his stuff. That’s when I told him “no…I actually learned all these songs in just the past month” LOL. Felt good to know someone...

Bad monkey is being re-issued

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If you want one ,cause Josh told so, and you fail at life….don’t pay scalpers….the BM is back :rotflmao

Joe Perry Controversy

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Joe Perry reveals he used Fender Strats to record most of Aerosmith’s ’70s material

-By Matt Parker( Total Guitar )

The Aerosmith legend explains why he considers Strats to be superior studio guitars, while Gibson Les Pauls make better live instruments.

There are only a handful of players more closely associated with the Gibson Les Paul than Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Yet, as he reveals in a new interview, much of his classic recorded material was recorded using Fender Strats.

In his...

I wish bands would go back to simple stage shows

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I wish bigger bands would go back to just playing their songs well onstage, and putting on a good show without the need for these huge intricate “Las Vegas show” type stage setups. Maybe that would allow ticket prices to come back to earth.

I just want to see a good concert, I don’t need a Broadway production rolled into it.

Is Boutique Overhyped?

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I played guitar as a kid and strictly played production stuff and cheap copycat guitars (Jay Turser, etc). I took about a 10 year hiatus and got back into it about 3 years ago. My observation; the market is saturated with tons of boutique guitar, amp, and pedal alternatives to the stuff I was accustomed to revering as a kid.

I jumped back into the market with a EBMM Cutlass RS HSS (super expensive) as I was led to believe it was going to be an order of magnitude better than the standard...

Favorite ANALOG chorus

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What’s your favorite analog chorus pedal? Not digital or analog simulator, but actual analog chorus.

I’m actually looking to use it on Bass for some Joy Division/New Order vibes.

From Plain to Insane: Maple Tops!

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Who doesn't like a maple top?!

I love them all, post what you got!

Here's mine.
IMG_20190721_143007149_HDR by Greg Koelling, on Flickr


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Should We Allow Other Vintage Gear in this Section?

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Should we allow discussion of other gear like amps and effects if they fit within the age range of the accompanying poll?

What Years Should We Allow in This Section?

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What years should be allowed in this section?

Poll to run for fifteen days.

Who is the toughest band?

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Who would you guys say is the toughest band of all time?Some bands have had a hard life and keep on going through adversity.Maybe their fan base is a little rough around the edges?

Most Successful Signature Guitar Of All Time?

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I'm wondering what has been the most popular, most sought after, most purchased sig' guitar of all time? I imagine it is impossible to pull data to make the answer legit...but TGP opinions are roughly equivalent :) So what say you?

My argument would be for the Peavey EVH signature guitar.

Btw, Les Pauls and Fenders don't count unless they have an additional artist's name on them (i.e. Slash, Gilmour, etc.)

Jack White on SNL 02/25/23

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Last night. 4pc band.
High energy rock & a ballad.
This was the last gig of his worldwide tour which started a year ago.

Another NDSP plugin. SOON

Overpriced vintage and "custom shop" guitars

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As we all know its not only the tone and resonance, feel, playability ( and where they are made ) are a huge part of why certain guitars are worth ( im sorry, PRICED AT) thousands of dollars.
But this video shows why sometimes its just the name and/or the fact that they are old
I would never EVER pay 60k or even 5k for a Strat ( and i love Strats)
Needless to say , i'm not impressed by vintage ( im sorry, OLD) guitars

Pete Thorn on That Pedal Show

Metal Band With The 4 Best Consecutive Albums?

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I'm going with Iron Maiden:

-Piece Of Mind
-Somewhere In Time
-Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
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