What Happened in The 70's - Les Pauls vs Strats in Rock & Blues Rock

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I went shopping for an electric guitar around 1975 here in Dallas with about $300 in my pocket. The goal was to get a Les Paul because THAT was the guitar to have. Anything short of that was like racing an inline-4 Chevy Vega against a Camaro z28.

I also wanted to save up money for a 100w Marshall stack.

In the mid 70's, $300 was not enough for even a decent used Les Paul, so I settled for a used 335 (and a handful of paychecks later, a used Super Reverb).

Though in the process of...

This pentatonic lesson transformed my understanding

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This was first published on my free Substack
Ever wondered what the easiest way to learn the pentatonic shapes is? Or how the five pentatonic shapes fit together?

Years ago, I didn’t know all five shapes. I was proficient with the first two, and had half-heartedly played the other three a few times. I hadn’t memorised them all, and I certainly couldn’t join them all together to play from one end of...

Steve Vai having trouble making touring pay

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Man, things are getting bad when someone with his solid fanbase is having trouble making ends meet on the road.

“It’s remarkable,” Vai said. “Before you do a tour, you get all the gigs, the guarantees, you look at what your bottom line is, and it has changed...

Leaked Strymon Cloudburst Reverb?

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I just stumbled upon it and so I've put what I found on my guitar blog.

Has anyone else seen anything about these?

Strymon Cloudburst Reverb

Some people (me) have no business working on their own guitars. How much less is this worth now ?

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So I decided to replace the pickups in my new guitar that wasn’t really doing it for me.
No pickup rings on the guitar, never again. First guitar I’d had with no rings. Humbucker screws go right into the wood.

The baseplates screw tabs are completely different depths. This was where I F’d up. New pickups were essentially taller. And well I essentially adjusted the pickups right to where the screws poked out the back.

So now I have a guitar I should have...

The Beatles vs Led Zeppelin

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Which band made the most impact in your musical journey?

I know, it's pop vs rock but both bands were British, they made a big impact and wrote unique songs that were incredible and had a life all their own... and not all bands can do that. :red

* There are some options just so no one leaves this thread all mad and confused.

Well? :waiting

Fat neck players....why?

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OK, I just got a really fat necked guitar, I wanted to try it. Normally I like a modern profile with a pretty sloped shoulder, almost a soft V. But I generally can play other necks, and now wonder what appeals to the folks that play these chunkier necks. In this case I got the Richie Kotzen Tele. I knew the neck was thick...but wow.

So I am wondering why all you thick neck players, like these thick necks?

I find myself really digging the strings into the fingerboard a lot harder with...

I asked a seller how much the guitar weighed. You'll never believe what happened next.

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He weighed the guitar and answered some questions.

I bought the guitar, he shipped it, and I received it exactly as described.

Seller has money, I haz guitar. Everybody's happy.

335 appreciation thread

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The 335 is such a versatile guitar. I play mostly Americana/indie/classic rock stuff and it is perfect. It’s articulate and it can scream. Upper fret access is a breeze. Might be the most comfortable guitar to play sitting down. What a joy.

This is my ebony 59 reissue from the Nashville custom shop.


Rocking a Suhr Aura live…

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There was a few prototype Auras made, before the run of 100 that suhr released a few years ago. They lent me one of these protos for my current UK tour, and it’s just a wonderful guitar, John is truly a master at design, and particularly at fixing the problems of previous designs and perfecting them. I love this thing. That is all!

If you already have a LP why would you (or did you) get a SG ?

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This is a real question, as I have read many posts of people saying they have a SG guitar while already having a Les Paul guitar. I know they are physically different, but I am just wondering if there is (or not) some "sonic" overlap or redundancy in having both.
I am a beginner at guitar and already have a LP so this question may seem inane to some experienced guitarists, but it stems from my wondering if I am not "missing out" something "special" by not having a SG too.

Will Fender ever release a true Jeff Beck Stratocaster?

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I wonder if Fender will ever finally release a Jeff Beck model that is true to Jeff's main strat (basswood body, John Suhr-designed pickups, original Wilkinson roller splitnut, etc). Would be cool to finally play one that really was a good reproduction of what he played.


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I'm sure you find it hard to believe, with all the guitars that pass through my hands....

I'm a HUGE Ace Frehley fan...HUGE!!! He is the reason I started playing guitar. I've met him 3 times over the past 30 years. The last time, which was December 14, 2019, I asked Ace to sign my left shoulder...I had it tattooed in the next morning. Yeah...hardcore.

Anyway...the guitar!!! Its a 1998 Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom. When the 4 original members of KISS reunited back in 1996...

If all of your buying and selling of guitars has taught you one thing, what is it?

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For me it's that I MUCH PREFER solid body Fender style guitars over Gibsons, semi-hollows, Rickenbackers and everything else I've diddled with.

Saw this 51 tele today and it hurt my heart

Never got into Jeff Beck, where to start?

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I remember People Get Ready and Ambitious from the MTV days. My older brother played me Cause We've Ended As Lovers. Great tone on that one. What are some good songs or records you'd recommend for people who don't know a lot about JBs work?

John Fogerty just got his songs back and it’s about damn time

RIP Jeff Beck

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Just saw it on his official FB feed….

“On behalf of his family, it is with deep and profound sadness that we share the news of Jeff Beck’s passing. After suddenly contracting bacterial meningitis, he peacefully passed away yesterday. His family ask for privacy while they process this tremendous loss.”


Gibson has raised the quality level

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I wonder if anyone here have observed how Gibson USA dramatically have raised the build quality level of their guitars within the last couple of year or so? I've recently bought a brand new (2022) Gibson Les Paul Classic (Heritage Cherry Sunb.) - and this guitar is of absolutely outstanding high quality - like Gibsons in the very old days used to be. Also - my friend has bought a brand new Gibson LP Standard 2022 in Tobacco Sunburst - which is also of the very same high build quality. My...

What was your very first amp ever?

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Circa 1980..This was mine . A total POS, but I LOVED it!
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