What lead you to TGP?

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Only adding this in this forum because, for me, at first, it was pedals. What lead you here and how much has your search/style changed?

I was looking for Keith Richards tones and since I couldn’t afford a tweed ‘57 twin, someone told me to look for a pedal instead. Via TGP and PGS videos, I landed on the Lovepedal Les Lius. My core gear hasn’t changed a lot since I joined, but I definitely blame this place for my obsession with fuzz over the last couple years.

What about you?

When the distorted guitar tone first became a thing...

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When the distorted guitar tone first became a thing, were there any well-known guitarists at the time who said, "Oh no no no. That doesn't even sound like a guitar" ? Or maybe something like, "That doesn't even sound like a guitar. It sounds broken."

Were there any notable guitarists at that time saying something like that ?

Van Halen live

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Van Halen never struck me as a great live band. At least, their live performances seemed uneven - often sloppy, boozy, and druggy, and often overshadowed by their studio work. I saw them on the 2004 tour, and they were crap. However, once in a while, I come across a video where everybody seems sober and happy to be there, and it is just killer. I just came across this video from the 1998 Cherone tour, and I was very impressed:

I wonder if this was the...

Christine Anne McVie RIP

The Gear Page Fall/Winter Giveaway 2022

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We are holding a giveaway in order to promote our supporting memberships. Members have an opportunity to win one of 3 guitars we are giving away while also supporting the operation of TheGearPage.net! To enter simply purchase a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Double Platinum account upgrade on the TheGearPage.net by January 2, 2023.

Why flip a Strat headstock?

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Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 8.11.08 AM.jpeg
Someone sent me this photo earlier today...and we wondered: is there any advantage to having the thicker strings longer? Does it affect the playability or the tone?
Your thoughts welcome.

I love this LP. Look. You will cry.

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Look here. It will make you cry. Pic found on the LP club on Facebook. They said it is a plain top on the front of the guitar.


Journey's ongoing legal woes now pitting Cain against Schon

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So you want to be a rock star huh?
Not sure what the solution is to this band's endless legal misery. Hard to imagine a 2023 tour before this gets resolved. Certainly looks like Cain has some explaining to do.

What out Timmys’ the Timmy?

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Hi all!
Looking for some gain with zero coloration while being very touch sensitive.
My research says a Timmy is my best bet.
Is it?
If not, what pedal does it better?

Best Power Pop Song ever made

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I know they are a lot of music experts in the world and some have a lot of knowledge about all the great bands out there and yet i never here anyone talk about a Band called Cotton Mather.
The Kontiki Album should be listened to by anyone that says they love Power Pop and if they do not come out saying that it is one of the best Records i have ever heard then i am not sure what could be wrong with this world.
With that i leave you the best Power Pop song...

PSA: Pedals for Black Friday - 2022

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I did this last year and had fun sharing sales w/ folks. I'm not shilling for anyone; I'm just a gear addict like most of y'all. Retailers are running sales of lots of stuff, but I'm concentrating on pedals.

Like last year, I'll update this top post w/ a continuing list and add new items to the bottom. This way, you can keep track of new additions by going to the bottom of THIS post. So please post any items you find, and I'll update!


Jet Pedals = 20% off (and free gift...

Revolutionary Mainstream Rock Guitarists Besides Jimi and Eddie?

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It's undeniable, I feel, that Hendrix and EVH revolutionized the way rock guitar was played in terms of both technique and use of gear. There have been lots of players who have innovated in those areas to be sure, but none to the level of either two in their respective eras.

So I was wondering, are there any players of mainstream rock who came before Hendrix that people feel had a similar impact? Personally I don't think there's been anyone since Eddie, playing mainstream rock music, that...

$37.1 million guitar

Pedals You Regret Getting Rid Of?

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Which ones did you get rid of and wish you still had? The main one for me is a Radial ToneBone Hot British distortion pedal I had about 11-12 years ago. That was the first really decent sounding distortion pedal I owned, and it was great. The footswitch got to where it was fiddly, though. I'd still love to own one again, because that thing sounded pretty good. I don't hear much about Radial anymore these days other than people occasionally recommending their ABY boxes and stuff. The ToneBone...

ANOTHER NEW AMP DAY?? First a Fillmore, now a California tweed.

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The last thing I need. Just leaving GC.
40 watt 1/12 combo. Mesa is making some incredible amps right now. Never thought I would say that. My Fillmore is my favorite all around amp right now. This one is totally different. Squishy, warmer, not as detailed or punchy, but sweet as can be.

Clips asap.

Anyone loves Les Pauls but have a hard time playing them?

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Hey guys,

I'm a huge Randy Rhoads and Slash fan (cliché I know but still).
I love Les Pauls for their looks and their sound but I play so much better on an SG.
Offcourse the higher frets are way more accessible than on a LP and I find an SG way better balanced than a Les Paul. They just seem to slip away to the right cause of the heavy body.
Anyone else love Les Pauls but just have a hard time playing them?

New Eventide H90 Harmonizer

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Looks like a dual H9, at first glance. Announcement due on Wednesday

EDIT H90 Harmonizer:


  • Preloaded with 62 effect algorithms:
    • 10 new effects algorithms: Polyphony, Prism Shift, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, Weedwacker, Even-vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, and SP2016 Reverb
  • Includes all 52 effect algorithms...

Cons of owning multiple guitars

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I’m up to 4 guitars now. 2 Fender teles, a Novo, and a Gibson acoustic. Last year I just had two and life was easy. Alternate months for changing strings and cleaning was quick and easy. Now I’ve got the 4 and the oldest Tele is starting to act up with scratchy pots that need to be replaced. Then I spent a while changing 3 sets of strings last night. I don’t understand how people with large collections handle staying even on top of string changing. Another downside is with more than two...

So I bought worlds ugliest PRS for $500. And sanded it down and refinished it!

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She was beat!







Hope you guys like it :) will post again when I get her all back together lol.

Best guitar you got for under $750 (new or used)?

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Here’s to all the cheapie but goodie guitars that punch way above their price class.

Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster
Cort MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy signature
Epiphone Les Paul Special (2021 model, anyway)
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