How to handle people that want to jam with your band at a gig?

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I play guitar and I have sat in with bands when they asked me to but I have never asked a band to let me come up and jam on songs at a gig. Here's the thing... I'm in a new band and for whatever reason there have been at least six people lately that want to come up and play and actually take it personal when we say no. We know some of these people but others we don't. What I tell them is "if I let YOU play then I have to let everyone play." Anyone else experience this? It's been a while...

Unacceptable or overly critical? (Gibson QC issues)

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Long story short, I bought a brand new Gibson ES-345 a few months ago.

Since I bought it I’ve noticed quite a few flaws on it that really get on my nerves. It’s got wonky binding, the paint around the nut is poorly done, it has a large blemish on the fretboard as well as tooling marks. The worst issue is an ugly lacquer crack at the heel.

Unfortunately (and I do take some responsibility for this due to not really using it until wedding season in Easter and a new baby on the way) as I’ve...

Not into Les Pauls any more

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I have a really great Les Paul that I never play. I'm just not that into it anymore. As time goes on, the things I used to love about Les Pauls are what are driving me away from Les Pauls. I've considered selling, but I bought it new and feel like I'd be losing massive cash on resale. And the longer it sits in its case, the more it bothers me. I think the worst part about the situation is that it's not an instance of a strat guy not digging a Les Paul. I've always played LPs. Anybody else...

Top 5 Guitarist

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Who are your favorite guitarist? Not who you think is best... your favorites.

All Time:
1) EVH
2) Warren Haynes
3) Allman / Betts (not picking between them)
4) Gilmour
5) Jimi
HM) Richards
HM) Jimmy Page

1) Warren Haynes
2) EVH
3) Derek Trucks
4) Sadler Vaden
5) Marcus King

Tina Turner, R.I.P.

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Tina Turner is dead at the age of 83.

The iconic singer died at her home in Switzerland today following a long illness.

'Tina Turner, the 'Queen of Rock'n Roll' has died peacefully today at the age of 83 after a long illness in her home in Küsnacht near Zurich, Switzerland.

return guitar or not?

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So you just received a guitar via UPS, dealer assured you it "played great" and was in "very good" condition.
It is a somewhat rare (vintage MIJ) and good looking example from photos.
You come to find string tree issue is hurting tuning and you can't get the action to an acceptable level without dropping the E saddles all the way down (removing outer grub screw) or shimming the neck. It sounds amazing but plays poorly. It may have a replaced pick guard. The pots are noisy. Someone clearly...

If you could only have one delay...??

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What would you go with? Is the Timeline still king?

I've got both a carbon copy and a Strymon El Capistan. The CC does its thing well, but I'm overall kind of disappointed with the El Cap, especially for its price. There's a thing that Strymon does that sort of sweetens the general tone, which I really like, but I'm not in love with the delay sounds. I guess it's possible I just don't really like tape delay and favor digital.

What would you recommend I go with? Is Strymon DIG worth it? Or...

Greatest 3 piece band?

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There are plenty of great 3 piece bands that have taken the stage,who is the greatest to do so?

BOSS SDE-3000 EVH Stereo Delay

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Some epic tones here!

Favorite sleeper amps

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I'm always interested in finding great amps that for whatever reason, fell through the cracks and never achieved the commercial success that they may have deserved.

I'll get it going with the Fender Prosonic from the mid-90's, designed by Bruce Zinky in the custom shop. While not perfect, due to a less-than stellar effects loop, it's core tones were/are fantastic. The combo version had reverb and was a 2x10 configuration, where the head version had NO reverb. The closest to a...

Is there better than Cioks?

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What super premium power blocks are there and are any better than the Cioks DC7 with an 8 Extender?

Also, why not a cioks, are there any downsides? Yeah, I know, special cables is one, another is mounting it. Is DC To DC Conversion the best way?

Post your Unicorns

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You know those guitars that stand out in some way from the rest of the pack, i.,e., special orders, prototypes, custom made. Cheap, expensive, in-between, doesn’t matter, just something that sets it apart in it’s weight class.

Okay first up consider my 2000 Gibson Studio Custom:



All fine and good, but Google Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom and you find that this model was...

If you believe a real 50s Les Paul only has historical value, show me a modern one that can do this

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There's not much quality gear demos available about '50s Les Pauls played in a high quality modern recording environment by a skilled guitarist. Here's one I go back to time and time again. I think it's a great example and explains the reason people tend to talk about these things - sometimes laughably - with a religious awe.

There's certain times and places in history when everything comes together just fine. In the history of electric guitar making I believe it was the invention of the...

PRS Eric Johnson prototype

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I don't really like Eric Johnson, I don't like signature models, and I am not a great fan of PRS either. But this is a guitar I would have bought, if it ever existed.


432 Hertz tuning.

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Who has experimented with A4 = 432 Hz tuning?
It was the standard for some classical composers, but we're all used to hearing
modern 440 Hz tuning. And, it's an international standard.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about it, worth exploring.
I've tried it on violin and guitar and mandolin. It sounds especially good on mandolin.
It's definitely fun to try and sounds more "natural" in some ways.

I’m 60 and Polyphia has reignited my love of guitar

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Seeing all the old, talentless blooze benders getting sig guitars and press over the years really bored me, and I started to slip away from guitar and more into synths and keys and recording to get my creative fix.
Then by chance I heard Polyphia, and slowly came to love them. I feel like I did when I discovers Rush, Yes and Return to Forever in my youth.
A wonderful blending of styles, genres , sounds, and challenge, so I have to re listen and practice hard to get some parts. Really has...

Gibson CEO change

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effective immediately. seems kind of an abrupt departure for Curleigh.

PR Newswire
NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2, 2023
Brand President Cesar Gueikian Appointed as President & Interim Chief Executive Officer, Effective Immediately
NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Gibson Brands, Inc., the world's most iconic guitar brand, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Cesar Gueikian, Gibson's brand president, as president and interim chief executive officer, effective...

Why Play A 335?

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I’m curious what draws someone to choose to play a 335?

‘Made In Japan’: The Return To Prominence Of Japanese Guitars

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Raised my strap about three inches and…

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My guitar is much easier to play and I feel I played much much better! I can’t tell you how much better it felt… how can this be?

Have I seriously been playing with my guitar too low the last 5+ years?!? I don’t care if someone thinks it’s too high… 20 minutes was enough to let me know this change must be permanent. I am 55, so the “cool” factor is long gone. LOL

Anyone else have a revelation like this lately?
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