Trigger warning: Taylor Swift compared to Beatles!

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“As the U.S. leg of the Eras Tour hits the history books after a SoFi Stadium finale, comparisons to even the greatest pop tours of the past are hard to come by — this one sits in its own league, business-wise and culturally.”

Does Variety read this forum?

Be well friends!

Fret HEIGHT and tone?

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The original frets on my es335 were unplaybly low so I had it refreted with SS jumbos. That killed the tone on the guitar so I went back to nickel.

After much thinking I decided to go with jescar 55090. From what I've read this is what the Gibson usa line hade for a long time. I like how my SGs play and the woody sound they have, and when I measured the width it seemed to be 90, so that seemed the safest bet. I also didn't choose wider frets because I like the extra room further up the...

Ana Popovic's new Strat

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I watched her un-boxing video yesterday and it looks nicer than it does in this photo, it's called Foggy Mirror Chrome.

I'm gonna say it: Robbie Robertson / The Band (NSF Fans)

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Whatever. I have heard about "Oooh - Robbie Robertson and The Band!!!! My whole life.

Other than "The Night They Drove Dixie" I don't know another song by this band, have never...

Welcome to Signal Chain: Rigs, Setups & Sound!

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Greetings Gearheads!

We're thrilled to introduce a new section of our forum, "Signal Chain: Rigs, Setups & Sound. " This space has been designed with one mission: to create a dedicated hub to delve deep into the world of gear rigs, equipment setups, and sound applications.

From the intimate intricacies of bedroom rigs to the grandeur of professional stage setups, this is your platform to share, learn, and discuss. Whether you're looking to recreate your favorite artist's tone, troubleshoot...

Origin Effects Halcyon Gold Overdrive just released!

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Adaptive Circuitry and a Dry control, plus multiple Voice settings. Excellent demos by Chris Buck and Sasha!

Strap locks. I don't like them anymore.

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I don't know why
I've always used Schallers, the oldest set I have is like 25 years old, and they haven't failed me in any way.
But as of late, the simplicity of pull a strap on the peg - pull it off seems so tempting. I don't move on stage as much as I used to, although some b*tt wiggling is alas, still mandatory, and it only makes me want to ditch my good ole german locks.
So I ordered a bunch of oversized strap buttinz.

Can anyone relate?

Frontmen and singers who surprised you with their guitar chops?

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It's always a pleasant surprise when I find out the frontman of a band, who I would have assumed would be just a medium-skill rhythm player, has great chops.

When I was younger it was Billie Joe Armstrong's pentantonic blues solos that I thought were amazing and shockingly good. Though I'm less wowed by his chops these days, the "bro he can actually shred" thing kinda wore off, he's still probably underrated as a guitarist in the popular consciousness.

Springsteen was another one, he at...

Help Us Name the New Forum Section: Cast Your Vote Now!

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Hello Gearheads,

We hope this post finds you all immersed in your musical journeys.

Firstly, we'd like to thank all who provided your feedback on the proposed new forum section. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and it's clear that this space, dedicated to the in-depth exploration of complete gear rigs, is something our community is excited about.

Now, it's time to move on to the next step. We need a name for our new section!

Naming is a challenging task. It needs to...

Tom Jones is a Lunatic

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I never really knew much about Tom Jones. Certainly never saw this side of him. This whole clip is great. He kisses a few broads, hits on sisters mid-verse, but the real fun starts at 1:20. The guy’s an F’ing lunatic, I may have to dig deeper into this freak's catalog.

NEW Electro-Harmonix Pico POG

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  • Lightning-fast tracking with perfectly precise octave tones
  • 3 volume knobs control level of SUB OCTAVE, OCTAVE UP, and DRY tones
  • TONE knob with 3 filter modes
  • Tone Mode applied tilt-EQ to all output
  • Low Pass Mode applies a resonant low pass filter, which allows low frequencies to pass while cutting higher frequencies of the Sub and Octave Up voices
  • High...

This new 1959 R9 is $1900 off MSRP, would you buy it?

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What is causing this flake-off? What price would it appeal to you in this dire situation? I had to laugh a little at it still being called LIGHTLY AGED.

New CBA/Empress collab - reverse mode C

Price increases incoming for Fender and Yamaha per my sales rep

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Got the email today. I’ve not kept up with Yamaha but Fender WTF. Fender dealers out here offering 15-25% discounts if you ask so they can move stock and Fender going to the well again to raise prices.

Strymon BRIG dBucket Delay Pedal

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A nice clean thread, away from the talk of teasers, influencers and other unrelated chatter.

Bucket brigade-inspired delay workstation with three different personalities arrives.

The revered manufacturer of products for the guitar and Eurorack markets, announced the release of a new bucket brigade-inspired delay pedal called Brig today. The new pedal uses the same smaller...

Proposing the Idea of a New Forum Section: Rig Rundown & Instrument Insights

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Hello Gearheads,

We hope this message finds you all in great spirits, surrounded by beautiful gear, and inspired to create incredible music.

As the stewards of The Gear Page, we continuously strive to improve, expand, and adapt our platform to serve your needs best. Today, we're contemplating a new idea and would love to have your insights on it.

We are considering the addition of a new forum section dedicated entirely to exploring complete instrument setups and gear rigs. It will...

The guitar market is now a soft market

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I have seen items I track on Reverb go down in price over the past six months. It is slow moving, but as the average or market price on open and recently sold listings moves down, that affects what new listings get priced at.

Here's Phillip McKnight's take on what he sees in the current market (at 2:17, then again at 2:08:14)

Best Three Album Run In Music History?

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In your opinion, what is the best three album run in music history? I was going to restrict it to Rock, but any genre. Should make it interesting.

This is my pick, being a Metalhead. A 3 album run that began an entire music genre: 1. Black Sabbath:
[IMG alt="Best Black Sabbath...

Official Strymon Brig thread!

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Here we go again.....
I can't tell what is on the ledge, but I'm sure someone here knows.
Also, it looks like there is something black on the dog's side that matches what's up on the shelf.


$600 pedal stolen in transit looking for advice

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I have purchased an expensive pedal off a dude on reverb. Was silly enough to paypal the money as a “gift”. Yes, i know.
The package had arrived but there was a stack of paper inside the box instead of a $600 device. Courier wasnt present while i opened the parcel
The seller filed a claim with GLS from his side, but GLS emailed him back with a “we don’t see any proof the package was tampered with under our custody”

Is there anything i can do?

FWIW the duct tape on the parcel was...
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