Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

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Heart breaking. An absolute legend.

Tour Box Threads

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From the beginning of TGP, we've always encouraged builders to have tour boxes. Given the current situation in the world and the distress it has placed on everyone and in particular, small builders, we wanted to cultivate and support builders that want to create "Tour Boxes".

To do that, we've created a prefix for manufacturers to use, called (no surprise) "Tour Box". While TGP takes no responsibility for conducting or managing Tour Boxes (that's up the manufacturer) we do want to see...

Most unique 90’s guitar tone

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I can’t think of a more rich, saturated, yet clear recorded guitar tone from the 90’s that isn’t Dean DeLeo’s. I have no idea how he did it, but damn.

If you could only have one...

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So say you're trying to decide between getting a Les Paul, 335, or an SG. You have a choice of keeping the best Les Paul you've ever heard and played, the best 335 you've ever heard and played, or the best SG you've ever heard and played. Which would you choose and why? And no, you can't afford all three in this case. :p

Martin electrics?

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Does anyone have, or at least remember having, one of those Martin electric guitars from the 1960s? Any love for them?

I'm not thinking of the Frankenstein versions of their acoustics with added pickups and knobs, but the true electrics, thin line hollow body F series or GTs. I knew a kid who had one (not sure which model) when I was in high school, and I remember playing it and thinking it was pretty good, but that was a long time ago. Martin also made amps, or at least had their name on...

Favorite Plexi Clones under 50w?

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Recently I posted about the best 2x12 cabs to pair w a Marshall super lead head. I’ve been playing around w the 20w reissue and a 100w plexi reissue of late. The 20 has the vintage sounds and tones and is fantastic but is missing some low end punch and mids, understandably.

been reading up on the clones: Germino 35, Metropoulos, Christine, etc.

What are some of your favorite plexi clones in the 50w and less range?

Ever realize you’re just…done?

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So I’m poking around TGP and came across an ad for a sunburst Strat at a pretty good price. I got excited then realized…I don’t need it.

I have a main guitar, and a suitable backup for gigs. I’m satisfied with my modeling solution. Satisfied with my monitoring choice.

So, as excited as I got for a few minutes, I sighed and moved on.

Let me guess - that means my TGP card is going to be revoked, right?!?

Refinished pre CBS Strat with Repro Decal?

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I'm looking at a refinished 60's pre CBS Strat that also has a repro decal. I'm not even 100% sure I want to place an offer for a vintage Strat without the original decal, except for the fact it would be the cheapest way to get my hands on an otherwise dream Strat.

How much discount would you guys expect off of a typical refinished price for a pre CBS 60's Strat, and could you stomach the fact that it's missing the original decal considering it's also a long term investment?

How do you get the best tones out of your Telecaster?

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Having played Gibson or similar humbucker equipped guitars all my life I have now, at age 64, got my first Tele. Actually, a Japanese made Tokai Breezy Sound. Any tone tips would be most appreciated.

New Gen Loss MKII from Chase Bliss!! (Preorder is up)

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Generation Loss mkII is a 2-in-1 VHS simulator. It includes the classic Generation Loss, as well as an entirely new exploration that dives deep into the mysteries of tape. Crinkles and all. Features include:
- Stereo I/O
- 10+ tape models
- Complex failure control
- Magnetic saturation
- Classic mode

Read more here...

How Did you Pick Your Pickups?

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I'm plotting out a strat partscaster build and I am just absolutely stuck on making a decision on the pickups.

A big issue for me is that there's not a real uniform way to listen to multiple different kinds of pickups (putting aside all the unavoidable variables like listening setup even if there were some uniform source or Youtube channel that had wide ranging pickup demonstrations).

At this point, I'm 90% sure I'm just going to go with some Fender Fat 50s, but it's been a lot of back...
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