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  1. 0xeneye

    Help identifying Trimpots on a HARTMAN Reticon FLANGER

    I think all four are used to set specific Voltages at the PINs of the ICs to create the optimum wave formation. I wouldn't touch them without a good voltmeter, target values, an o-scope, a schematic and full understanding of how to bias. They are not gain trimmers if that is what you are asking.
  2. 0xeneye

    Reverb returns-how to deal with them

    In my experience like this (Buyer says power doesn't work, they returned pedal, and the power DID in fact work), Reverb supports the buyer at all costs. Except when they support themselves.
  3. 0xeneye

    Worst guitar product you remember buying?

    A new 1977 Fender Stratocaster - like playing a banana
  4. 0xeneye

    People think they want a ____, what they really want is a ____

    People think they want wind noises, what they really want is tea kettle whistling.
  5. 0xeneye

    Choosing a delay pedal - simplicity vs complex

    Went around all the delay goodness, settled on my Boss DD-2.
  6. 0xeneye

    An idea for a different stomp box enclosure.

    How to shoot screws in glass tightly? How to stomp on a foot switch 1000000 times when the footswitch is clamped to glass?
  7. 0xeneye

    New Boss Pedal OC-5

    Can someone compare the Vintage mode with real OC-2 monophonic goodness? Thanks!
  8. 0xeneye

    FS Wall of Sound Amp 11 + AMZ Boost (2 in 1) pedal

    I great builder here on TGP built these great clones in top loaded enclosures. This one is a Lovepedal Amp 11 (like a Timmy) coupled with a AMZ FET clean boost. Knobs are (top) Level and Boost and bottom (Treble Boost, Bass). No room for battery with two true bypass switches. great for small...
  9. 0xeneye

    FS Ibanez ADL delay (MN3205 Panasonic Bucket Brigade)

    Early 1980's Ibanez ADL Analog Delay Pedal. Made in Japan. $99 shipped Paypal USA. No trades. Great bucket brigade Panasonic (MN3205) Analog Delay pedal. Top loaded jacks makes it pedal board friendly. Pots are clean and sounds great. Very good working condition, see pictures. The...
  10. 20200925_180456.jpg


    Ibanez ADL
  11. 20200925_180506.jpg


    Ibanez ADL
  12. 0xeneye

    Strymon Nightsky

    Shimmer labeled three times.
  13. 0xeneye

    Lollar Imperial Low Wind vs Mojotone '59 Clone Low Wind?

    Not a comparison, but I had a Lollar Imperial low wind a few guitars ago, and it was excellent.