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    Lets discuss the Vibro-Champ

    > "So I can run my SFVC thru this 4ohn 2x12 cab?" Yes.
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    Lets discuss the Vibro-Champ

    To double the volume of a 6W amp, you need 60W ! A 15W amp is not very much louder than a 6W amp. What gives the perception of significantly more volume is the efficiency of the speaker/s and how much more air is being moved via the cab. The tiny stock speaker is what gives the 6W Champ its...
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    Amps 10 watts and under.....

    ...Should sound (and look) very nice!
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    Kendrick blackframe 10" question

    Certainly early break-up.
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    Do Weber Signature series alnico speakers sound good?

    > "I guess what I'm after here are (for instance) comparisons between the Weber alnico Sig 12" and say the Weber 12A125A" No comparison. The Signature is far inferior.
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    Which AC-30 should I buy?

    > "They are also probably more reliable that the ones made in the U.K." Probably not, but it wouldn't be saying much if they were.
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    Which AC-30 should I buy?

    > "all new AC30s are crap because they are made in China" True enough. :p Crap is a harsh word, but they ain't that great.
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    Amps 10 watts and under.....

    SF Champ with speaker upgrade.
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    Where are the killer 'bedroom amp' tones?

    > "You can play it dimed and still hold a conversation" You must converse VERY loudly!
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    Best clean tube practice amp (with choices)?

    Well, so far that's 5 votes/71.43% in favour of "Fender?", with no specific suggestions forthcoming. Is that helpful to ya? I'm not intending to be difficult, but I'm not sure how you came up with your list for your stated requirements. And if you want helpful suggestions, you maybe need to...
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    Suggestions for acoustic guitar amps.

    Umm, as soon as you're talking more than one acoustic amp, surely a PA is the way to go. Multiple acoustic guitar players on a church stage with their own amps doesn't sound at all desirable. And one would think that any church needing to amplify multiple acoustic guitarists would have, or be in...
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    Small tube combo, any recomendations??

    > "The best sounding, low power, all tube amp, that's surprisingly affordable, is a Zinky Blue Velvet." ...25 Watts and 45 lbs!! Hardly low power in the context of 2W, nor portable, unless being compared to the likes of a Fender Twin.
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    Need Info on Trace Elliot Velocette

    Yes, there were transformer problems, but should have been sorted by now. I had a 12R. Good sounding amp, but the control panel is MIGHTY inconvenient, IMO, which is why I no longer have one.
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    tell me what to buy!?

    > "If price is no object- I say grab the real thing from the company that invented the 4x12." I don't think it took them long to work out the dimensions for the smallest possible cab that you could squeeze four 12" speakers into, or rather the smallest cab you could squeeze eight 12" speakers...