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    Folks who have owned Boss RV-6 and TC HOF2

    Which did you keep and why? Also, did you use them live? That would really help to know which was in the mix better. Sure there are tons of comparison threads but they are inconclusive. I'd love to hear from folks that put both to the test on their boards and know which came away the winner...
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    Do you ever ask to play someone else's guitar?

    Unless it's a close, long time friend I do not ask. Asking opens people to then reciprocate and I'd rather not lol
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    Do you ever ask to play someone else's guitar?

    Unless it's a close, long time friend I do not ask. Asking opens people to then reciprocate and I'd rather not lol
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    Supro guitars: dead?

    Their guitars are an interesting story. They were super creative and made some incredible guitars that offered a lot of originality. That may have been the biggest problem in that the guitar market isn't really looking for originality - we fawn over S-style, T-style and single cuts with the...
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    NGD: Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster

    Is that a roasted neck? What are the pickups? I’m curious how this sounds and feels versus other Strat models?
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    Fretting About 24 Frets

    It probably has to do with a few things like what 24 infers about the overall design - shredder - as well as the fact 24 does shift the neck pickup over which leads to a brighter neck tone. Heck, I get caught up in 22 feet strats because I associate 21 frets with the vintage designs I prefer.
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    Wow that looks amazing How are the Fishman pickups compared to Duncan JB/Jazz sets?
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    Eric Johnson's Lead Tone - Can I Get Close with a Vox AC15? Marshall Plexi Pedals?

    You both beat me. The Dover Drive works shockingly well with an AC15 but the prices are going through the roof. One of the best pedals as well as fuzz pedals ever made. The Rat will do it but it will have some of that unique Rat tone coming through so it’s gonna be similar but have it’s own thing.
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    I really hate the color of a gold top

    This thread for me thinking. It is an oddball color. Gold is an interesting color in that it can very much be part of the Les Paul look but doesn’t necessarily for as well on say a Strat or Gretsch. I’m curious what the OP and other folks don’t like? Is it too yellow or dated? What’s...
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    Modern strat alternatives. Suhr, Tom Anderson, Xotic, Cutlass, G&L, etc

    Would love to hear more opinions on the EBMM Cutlass and Tom Anderson as I’ve rarely gotten to play them.
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    Pedals to spend on and pedals to save on?

    Great question. These days with all the import mini pedals on Amazon you could technically cheap out on everything. The Mooer and Donner stuff is scary good and the prices are insane whether it’s a a Yellow Fail Delay or a Hustle Drive or any number of variants. Buy one and go make a record...
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    Tried revive my All Boss pedalboard... and...

    How do you like the RV6? Can you describe the Combo Drive? The internet samples don't always sound great, would love to hear a user. Do you like the CS2 more than the CS3? Have you ever used it as a boost?
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    Smoothest Overdrives for Fender Rig?

    The BB is incredible. It's always been on my radar and then one day years ago I saw my friend's band that had 3 guitarists. One of the 3 sat in the mix but also cut through the mud at the same time. I was curious what he had and it was a BB and a Deluxe Reverb RI - nothing else. The BB hasn't...
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    Tried revive my All Boss pedalboard... and...

    I am not so sure I am happy with it. There's a BCB6 Boss pedal board I've had for years. It used to be my only pedal board and I gigged it a ton. After starting with DOD in junior high I quickly landed my first Boss SD1 Super Overdrive and then added a Flanger (long lost now), PS2 Pitch Shifter...
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    Why doesn't Hendrix's Strat sound scratchy to me?

    Aside from being there live, when I hear isolated tracks I don't find him more or less "scratchy" A lot of what's being discussed here might have to do with recording signal chains. The ones Hendrix used in England at Olympic Studios were pretty damn phenomenal and are the gold standard to this...