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Recent content by 2leod

  1. 2leod

    Can you educate me on worship music?

    Perhaps enter "worship" in the YouTube search - plenty of stuff will show up there.
  2. 2leod

    The ongoing work log of Pickdropper

    Dave does great work!
  3. 2leod

    Frank Marino - Any Love ???

    Wow - Impressive necro-bump! I'd only been here a little over a year.
  4. 2leod

    Hello from the gutter! (not yet Killed by Death)

    Mirror held to htaeD_yb_delliK
  5. 2leod

    Goats Head Soup

    Hmmm... another almost 5 year necro bump.
  6. 2leod

    I will never have another NGD

    Indeed - never is an awfully long time.
  7. 2leod

    "band practice" or "rehearsal"

    Boo. Boo who?
  8. 2leod

    the real story of 2020

    Never heard of her.
  9. 2leod

    Greatest Rock Band To Walk The Earth and why.

    If they's the greatest, they ain't walkin' - the GREATEST are bein' chauffeured!
  10. 2leod

    Uh Oh, Tubes Don't Sound Different. Scientific, Controlled Variable Test.

    It doesn't take any kind of belief to hear and measure the difference when changing different kinds tubes in my UniValve. Good enough for me.
  11. 2leod

    Nostalgia is a powerful drug

    I hear you, brother. That, and the infinite sadness.
  12. 2leod

    Anybody into vintage Hawaiian guitar music?

    Here's a video of George Kahumoku falling fast asleep while I noodled along with him at his house. I learned later that Uncle George was famous for doing that, and though this clip was filmed by my wife a videographer who was also there at the time included a snippet of this time in a PBS series...
  13. 2leod

    EVH hacking it up out of key "Sound of Silence"

    I liked it - looks like everyone was having fun stepping outside the box.
  14. 2leod

    Did anyone start a congratulatory post to A-Bone

    Disregard the fake news answers already proposed - the real truth lies in the last word of his avatar tag. More identities than a cat has lives. Identities, or personalities - I can't quite figure that one out...
  15. 2leod

    Happy Canada Day! Name your favorite Canadian Artist

    The lads from NB doing the promo interview for the tour supporting the "All The Right Reasons" album. This was Daniel (former 3 Doors Down drummer) Adair's first album with the band, I'm the shorty between him and Chad.
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