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  1. 4styx

    Partscaster body w/reverse bridge route?

    Looking for SSS route. Should have stated that.
  2. 4styx

    Partscaster body w/reverse bridge route?

    Does anybody out there know where I can find a light weight ash, right hand strat body with a reverse bridge pickup route. Thx in advance. I don't know why this isn't a regular option, I know I'm not the only one who thinks the bridge pickup is slanted the wrong way.
  3. 4styx

    MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe any reviews?

    Sorry, I should of pulled out the pedal and looked at it. I have the Custom with internal trim pots. The Deluxe has those controls on the front. :hide
  4. 4styx

    MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe any reviews?

    I have one of those.Went through a compressor search, bought and sold a few and ended up keeping the Deluxe. With the internal trimpots you can really dial it in to be your favourite compressor. I bought it to stack with an OD and or Fuzz, worked great and quiet, as long as you're not cranking...
  5. 4styx

    SG w/Maestro setup questions/issues

    Does anybody experience the bridge moving back and forth with the Trem. The threads and the thumb wheels are one piece and the fit into the inserts is super loose. Sorry for the de-rail but this is messed up and Gibson is ducking the issue. Sorry for your troubles OP. I found a tech that has...
  6. 4styx

    .047uf cathode bypass cap options

    Apologies I had the value wrong on the title and can't seem to change it. I want to try a .47uf cap in place of the .68uf cathode bypass cap on V1b of a marshall style amp. There are Zoso caps throughout the amp. What caps do you guys use for that application? Would a Sprague paper in oil...
  7. 4styx

    Amp and attenuator mismatch

    An 8ohm attenuator is designed to work with the impedance selector on the amp set to 8 ohms. With an 8 ohm attenuator with 8 ohm speaker in series the amp sees 8 Ohms not 16. The Palmer is a reactive load not a resistive load.
  8. 4styx

    Small watt marshalls

    I'm biased against those 20w Marshalls and their cathode bias.haha Seriously, for those tones I'd get a JTM45 and run 6v6s in it.
  9. 4styx

    Stupid Amp!

    Just when you thought you'd seen it all. haha If you're in Vancouver you could get a Supro for free apparantley. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/msg/d/new-westminster-stupid-amp/6994042387.html
  10. 4styx

    Gibson SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola, your thoughts

    I have one and highly recommend them. You do need to have the nut and bridge slots polished, then it stays in tune really well. Maestro equipped guitars have a flavor all their own and it's a great one. One odd thing; the abr is on small nashville style inserts or the post and flange are one...
  11. 4styx

    Have a look at Gibson's improved 2019 QC

    The neck tenon(in that video 6:20) looks long to me. It extends almost to the back of the pickup route, but what do I know.:dunno
  12. 4styx

    Whole lot of amp, little weight, modest cash.

    I'd suggest a Sound City 20. Great clean that doesn't sound anything like a fender, great reverb and 35lbs
  13. 4styx

    Kerry Wright 1x2 cab

    You won't have any trouble selling those speakers. They're sought after for their unique ability to tame a bright amp. Celestion G12H 75 hertz Heritage are great speakers for Hendrix. The 55hz Heritage ones are spikey and there are much better choices like Scumbak H75 pvc or H55 pvc.
  14. 4styx

    Amp for 70s and 80s Rock and also clean things

    I would definitely go with with the 40c if you want a DSL. The 20 doesn't clean up very well when you back down the guitar volume and isn't nearly as versiltile. I have one and it drives me crazy.
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