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    Fuchs Ods Cleans?

    I've never played a Two Rock, but you could probably get a Fargen Super Collider for that much. Not to mention you can have either one tweaked out to your specification. Ben will ask you "who or what you wanna sound like" he'll get it hope that helps, watch the super collider video on...
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    Fuchs Ods Cleans?

    Well, I had the oppurtunity to play on a Fargen Blackbird 20w, Mini Plex 30w and Fuchs ODS 30. I poked around on them for about a month(what a pleasure, make you forget about amps from the local guitar shop). The BB was my favorite, cause I could drive it with a Barber Burn unit and get the...
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    any love for Fargen Amps?

    Haven't played the VOS, but the Blackbird and Mighty Plex's rank in the best in my opinion. You'll run across some boutique amps(so called) that just won't let a note hang in there for you. Well, the Fargens I've played were the next best thing to playing my acoustic guitar(if you know what I...
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    59model Pete Bogash

    Yeh Bob, he spoke good of you, I actually got to try that amp out that he got from you. Thanks for all your condolences. I added a new song of Pete's "Airplay" on myspace.com/petebogash. Thanks, Jamie
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    59model Pete Bogash

    Hi, I'm sad to let you all know that Pete 59Model died last Tuesday. I realize some of you may already know this. But I know most do not. This community was a HUGE part of Pete's life. He really cared about and respected everyone. Please visit the site for Pete at myspace.com/petebogash and...
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    Fractal Audio Axe-FX - this thing is a Monster

    Scott changes amps like his underware. Last month it was a Line 6 Pod XTL through an Atomic, and this month it`s this fractual gizmo through some different poweramp, and a few months ago it was a Germino, a Bogner Shiva, etc, etc. If folks want to follow the bandwagon, that`s cool. I`d suggest...
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    Which Pedal for controlled Feedback

    +1 That pedal is the best feedbacker out there. Listen to the clips on the L6 site. Sounds like those Fernandes sustainer pickups. :dude
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    First gig with my new Rivera tonight...

    God bless those fatties....LOL! Since I moved here to Louisiana from Boston two years ago, I`ve had my share of them here, hehe. If you got the Knuck, I don`t think the problem is with the head, unless it was overly bright which there is a fix for. I used Celestion Classic Lead 80`s on mine and...
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    Howie has changed my life!!

    +1 I had one of the originals and it sounded like a wet fart, and all the mud that goes along with it. The pinch harmonics were really bad as well. Hope the new design blows the old out the window.
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    First gig with my new Rivera tonight...

    Oh-oh, I guess that you won`t be accident free since 2004 anymore, LOL! Sorry, checked out your myspace page and I couldn`t resist, hehehe. Hope the amp works out OK for you. I had a few Rivera`s and my favorite was the K55. Sounds like that one would match the style your playing. Good Luck...
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    Deluxe vs DeVille

    Great points, your choice may depend on what style music you play. But I`ll vote for the Deluxe cause I like em, LOL! Good Luck, Pete
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    Isn't it sad?

    Geeez, here we go again getting GAS, LOL! Now I gotta have one. Are you still using the Atomic with it, or is there something better amplifier wise? Please share, as I don`t want to go through the hassle like you did of trying different stuff, and I respect your opinion. Thanks, Pete
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    Isn't it sad?

    Hi Scott, are you using the Ave-FX now? I read in other posts you were using the Pod Live through the Atomic amp. Can you give me your opinion on how the Axe-FX compares to the Pod Live? Thanks, Pete Bogash
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    Have you found your ultimate amp?

    No, and I`ve been looking for years and spent thousands (many) over the years. For now I`m happy with my POD XTL and waiting on an Atomic amp, and I`m REAL happy with my Rocktron VooDoo Valve. This **** blows all the tube amps I`ve played out of the water. And yea, I`ve owned a few Bogner, Top...
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    New (to me) Rivera!

    Hey, Cheap Trick is still usin them. Check em out at cheaptrick.com Man those dudes still rock like the old days. Still a lot of fun!