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    Ed Roman: Now that he's gone, what's up with the Vegas shop?

    What is even more incredible that some arsehole charges to look in their store....is there are morons who actually pay it?!? I need to meet these morons....I have many items to sell them.
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    Everything about Peavey Amps - Put it Here!

    Peavey is criminally underrated especially their USA Guitars.
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    What would you name this Mesa amp

    In the words of The Cat in the Hat: CHOCOLATE THUNDER.
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    Have you ever fallen in love with a $300 guitar?

    I once bought a Fernandez Lexi ton Ltd for 286 on a blowout.....now that was one hell of a guitar.
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    Electra Dyne vs Royal Atlantic

    For pure tone and hugeness....nothing touches an electradyne....well not that I have heard. Just played through my old ED the other day........damn amazing amp.....only fault is a hair trigger master volume that goes from wisper to blow yer fricken head off in an instant. That being...
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    Mesa Royal Atlantic RA-100 Review

    Well...i respectfully disagree. I love the royal clean using the attenuator on the first detent....it thickens up the clean channel and gets breakup with aggresive pick attack. The master volumes on the ra work so well...you do not need the attenuators; but they are useful for late night or...
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    How many have coil splitting on their Les Pauls?

    Have the 2013 standard ....uses a form of electronic splitting...works pretty slick.
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    Mesa Royal Atlantic RA-100 Review

    I have just started using the glimmer drive on my istomp into the clean and blue od on the royal.....after reading of how another user really enjoyed it.....anyways....it sounds frigging glorious!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mesa Royal Atlantic RA-100 Review

    I have played both.......I would take the Royal over a JVM. On build quality alone the Mesa stomps the JVM. On sound.....I will take the RA. JVM red channel is fizzy noise and the hum is unacceptable to me.
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    Digging the iStomp!

    Glimmer Drive is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    iStomp Glimmer drive into Royal Atlantic......WOW!!!

    There was a poster here who mentioned he was using his Glimmer Drive iStomp into his Royal Atlantic..... I tried it and MY GOODNESS!!!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks:bow On the Clean and Blue OD....it is just wicked.
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    NGD: Gibson SG Standard

    Yup....1500 to 2000 grit wet paper....then buff with polish
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    Should I sell my guitar???

    Well...I made a pretty good buck selling my Peavey HP Special recently....so you actually run into people who know where the bear ***** in the woods;-) But obviously it is easier to sell the apples and oranges of the guitar world.
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    Should I sell my guitar???

    Hey guys....bought a bunch of equipment a while back....so I have been trying to sell one of my guitars.....listed both my 2013 Gibson SG Standard and my Peavey HP Signature Select.....well now a guy wants to buy my SG today and I am having second thoughts.....it is in very nice shape....would...
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    Tell me about the Kerry King Marshall 100 watt head

    Ya....I am not going to do the deal....think i would be highly dissapointed with it at less than ear splitting volumes.
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