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    Effect of a MXR Wylde OD on an AC30

    Your Ac30 will never do metal.. Period! I have used the zakk OD with a Ac30 and it was great tone, as long as it was cranked to unrealistic playing levels. The Ac30 is a fantastic amp. Your just takin a knife to gun fight for metal tones. I ended up selling the 30 and got a Orange rocker 30 head...
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    Ever mix a Jensen and a Celestion?

    I have used the MOD 70 and it is a great speaker.
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    Amp volume fluctuating

    I had a similar problem with a Orange Rocker 30. Changed the power tubes and fixed the problem. Not saying its your issue,, but like others have mentioned,, its a good place to start and it could probably use a fresh set anyways. If its not the issue then you got a set on standby and haven't...
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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    They said JJ/Tesla on the bottom of the tube , but were re-branded "ARS"? I am gonna get a bias meeter. What do you think of the bias king?
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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    I installed the tubes tonight. Seems to be working just fine. The crackling problems are gone. I cant stand the crappy stickers GT puts on the tubes instead of paint now. The things smell like pooh when burning in. I did change all the preamp tubes to EH 12ax7. It made the OD smoother and less...
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    swapping Super Reverb output tranny

    This is not a technical solution but a suggestion,,,, You might be playing the wrong amp for you. I had a Super that was awesome tonally. But the issues were the same. I finally sold it and got another amp that fit the description of what I wanted, not heavily modify and devalue some thing to...
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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    I took the amp apart tonight and it appears to be exactly what you said. It is class A cathode bias in half power mode, and fixed bias in AB1 mode. I was pretty shocked to see how simple the circut looked. It is very clean and extremly well built. I'm gonna go ahead and get the GT tubes and see...
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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    I emailed them today. I will call tomorrow if I dont just take it apart tonight to see for myself. I wanna re-tube it obviously,I know this isnt propper, but if I get the same bell curve number 4 GT tubes should I be okay without a rebias until I get it set properly? I know the MA value is...
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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    Thats what I thought as well,, but there is no a/ab1 selection just full/half power. Leads me to belive that its fixed not cathode. I dont really want to take it apart to see but it looks like I'm gonna have to. I was hoping somebody knew for sure.
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    Looks like there's a new Divided By 13 model

    You guessed it!!!!! For some reason there is attitude towards TGP on that site.
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    toxic wall power

    Yes this happens to me at my house on certain outlets. Get a Power conditioner. Cost a fraction of your amp.
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    Looks like there's a new Divided By 13 model

    I asked a question about /13 on another forum ,, and was rudely told TGP is where I should be asking!!!!! So I bought the LDW 17/39 anyways and love my expensive, cork sniffing amp:beer
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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    Does anyone know if these amps are fixed or cathode bias ? I am guessing fixed.
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    Divided by 13 LDW 17/39

    I just got my LDW this week and it can be dialed in for viscious OD tone. I am using a oversized 2x12 cab w/ a et-65 and V-30 mix. I am doing away with my OD pedals and using a ac-30 for clean w/ a A/B/Y box. I sold my Orange rocker 30 and a Super Reverb to buy this amp, and I'm not in the least...
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    Wich /13 amp am I looking for?

    I'm using a boss ds-1 that I have made a few changes to. Brown sound mod and OP chip, then I made a clean linear gain board w/ another jrc4558 chip and placed it in "stereo" inside the pedal. Kinda bored in the garage w/ a soldering iron stuff... Anyhow. I dont like the sound too much with this...