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Recent content by 70's Hard Rock

  1. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold DROP Will Boggs Reverend humbuckers set

    What pickups are still available?
  2. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Jwp Godwood Bridge Pickups

    I cleared out my inbox sorry about that!!! :)
  3. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Jwp Godwood Bridge Pickups

    I have 4 JWP (Jim Wagner) Godwood Bridge Pickups all 4 have short legs, vintage braid, & gibson spacing, $130 paypal & shipped! msg me & I will text pics of the pickup(s). 1. Double Black SOLD! 2. Double Cream SOLD! 1. Zebra SOLD!
  4. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Chase Tone Secret Preamp NOS

    Chase Tone Secret Preamp NOS w/2 way toggle switch $150 paypal/free shipping. I can text pics... thanks!
  5. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Paul Cochrane Tim v1

    SOLD... RYRA Klone - $150 paypal & free shipping ...SOLD SOLD... Paul Cochrane Tim - $200 paypal & free shipping ...SOLD only trade would be JWP Godwood bridge pickup. pics coming soon or I can text pics as well... thanks!
  6. 70's Hard Rock

    Jim Wagner Pickups Godwood

    the Godwood is my #1 bridge pickup!!!
  7. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Seymour Duncan JB Antiquity

    Seymour Duncan JB Antiquity Bridge in Reverse Zebra installed, then sold the Les Paul it was in, removed & now in need of a Duncan BG1400 $100 paypal'd & shipped
  8. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Klon KTR

    looking to sell my Klon KTR $205 (sh/pp) will add a pic after work... trades??? maybe...
  9. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Lehle Dual SGoS $99

    1. Lehle Dual SGoS great cond., pedal only, velcro on bottom $99 shipped/pp lower 48 states... SOLD!!! 2. Creation Audio MK 4.23 great cond, w/box SOLD!!!
  10. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Lehle Dual SGoS $99

    Looking to sell my Lehle Dual SGoS for $99... pp/shipped in lower 48 states. in great cond, I've had this for a while, but never used it too much... no box, just the pedal, velcro on bottom...
  11. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Jim Rolph Bridge Pickup

    looking to trade these 2 pickups... or sell for $150 each... 1. Jim Rolph Bridge (Greg Martin wind) around 7.5 in zebra ***SOLD*** 2. ThroBak ER Custom Bridge in double black. ***SOLD*** I dont have a multi meter to get an ohm reading... both pickups sound great, but looking for something a...
  12. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge Trade for 12AX7 or Tuner

    Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge Pickup double black, 50mm, 4 cond, short legs... $75 pp/sh trades: 12ax7 tubes (NOS or ANOS) can add $$$ or tuner for pedalboard
  13. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Motor City 2nd Degree Black Belt for Honey Bee

    SOLD!!! looking to trade my MCP 2nd Degree Black Belt for a Bearfoot Honey Bee bridge, double black, gibson spaced will add pics tomorrow can add cash as well...
  14. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Motor City 2nd Degree Black Belt

    SOLD!!! Motor City 2nd Degree Black Belt... Bridge, Double Black, Short Legs, Gibson Spaced... sounds killer! looking for: 12AX7 & EL34 tubes... might consider other things as well, just ask! will post pics tomorrow...
  15. 70's Hard Rock

    Sold Motor City Detroiter

    she's gone... that was fast!!! for sale/trade is my motor city detroiter bridge pickup, 50mm, short legs, 4 cond. $110 will post pics later tonight.