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    Has anyone ever compared a Bogner 2x12 OS against a Mills Acoustic 212B?

    I've owned both Bogner 2x12 and Mills 2x12 and they're just different. Bogner was pickier when it came to handling different speakers and leaned towards vintage tone. Mills seemed to bring the best out of any speaker and was more versatile. Bogner seemed to have a hint of the tone of its own...
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    Avatar Hellaton 60L owners....

    How different from the regular V30's?
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    New PRS: 3-way toggle switch that fits the existing rotary pot hole?

    The question is whether a toggle switch with a thinner shaft exists. If I have to enlarge the hole in my vintage PRS, I'd rather keep the 5-way switch in.
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    New PRS: 3-way toggle switch that fits the existing rotary pot hole?

    If you found one, please do let us know. I'm looking for one too.
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    Where to get PRS backplate screws?

    Was the first place I checked. No luck there.
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    Where to get PRS backplate screws?

    I was hoping to just order them and be done with it... but ok... I had to sit down and figure out what they are. These PRS screws are nickel (steel?) plated #4 Philips (oval head) x 5/8". Even though now I know what they are, I am still unable to find them. Doubt Home Depot would have them.
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    Where to get PRS backplate screws?

    Exchanged a few e-mails with PRS Customer Service. They couldn't tell me the thread/length of their screws and pointed me to Stewmac and Allparts instead. Stewmac and Allparts pointed me back to PRS. PRS told me I can buy the backplate kits and get all 9 screws I want. Those two kits are only...
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    Hughes & Kettner Statesman??

    Try a reverse polarity speaker cable with the drive channel first and see how you like it.
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    Where to get PRS backplate screws?

    Yes, they're longer than Fenders. The thread feels different too because Fender screws get stuck in those holes. My PRS is a pre-factory CE-24. My understanding all of them always used the same screws though.
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    Where to get PRS backplate screws?

    Anybody knows where the after-market PRS backplate screws can be purchased? Their thread is different from Fender's. PRS does sell them but only with backplates...
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    D'addario strings: Recent quality problems?

    My 25/pcs "shop packs" that came from MF and Gutiar Center sound terrible. They're not the D'Addario's I knew. I don't know if they have the string breakage issue because I can't make myself play them long enough. I put on an old set from 5 years back and it sounds the way it should.
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    D'addario strings: Recent quality problems?

    Here's the reason why some people are certain the tone of D'Addarios has changed and others don't feel it: D'Addario has started using multiple wire vendors. Each vendor's wire sounds different. I found out about it from D'Addario customer service. As a result, you never know what wire your...
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    Anyone notice a change in <<quality>> of recent D'addario strrings?

    I also noticed that D'Addario strings I've purchased within the last 6 months are not the same D'Addario's I'm used to. I don't care that the ball ends now look discolored... the tone seems to have gotten muddier and brighter! To my ears they just don't have the same clarity and weight. I'm...
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    Ultimate & Faustine Attenuator comparison sound check...

    Exactly what I wanted to hear :-). When is it shipping and where to buy?
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