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Recent content by 9520575

  1. 9520575

    Any mini Bias tremolo or harmonic trem pedals?

    I'm confused as to what you're looking for. A harmonic tremolo, splits the signal. One goes through a hi pass filter and the other a low pass filter. Then the amplitude of signals is modulated opposite one another. The sound is close to a phaser. While a bias tremolo, varies the bias of a tube...
  2. 9520575

    humpback whale song pedal

    Plug your wah pedal in backwards and play with the volume and tone knob. Seriously sounds like a whale
  3. 9520575

    Overwhelming fuzz choices available. Advice wanted please.

    Under $200. Used skreddy lunar module
  4. 9520575

    Do analog pedalboards exist?

    Those people are wrong
  5. 9520575

    What are peoples thoughts on the Boss RT20?

    I think the re20 sounds good.
  6. 9520575

    Looking for a strange/weird/odd sounding pedal

    Sweet! I'm glad people find it useful.
  7. 9520575

    Looking for a strange/weird/odd sounding pedal

    moog clusterflux. put a pitch/harmony pedal in the effect loops and its a Rainbow machine. A lo-fi delay Hook it up to a Midi keyboard and it's an eerie synth. Sample and hold modulation. ... and a great chorus/flanger/vibrato to boot
  8. 9520575

    What is the BEST analog delay??

    I don't understand. The 4558 is used for gain or to create modulation. It doesn't play into the delay. Example a deluxe Pitch Pirate has a 4558 for a pre-amp before the delay. The EHX Memory man uses it for the modulation to create the LFO as well as a gain. It's a very common chip for overdrives
  9. 9520575

    New run of Skreddy Pink Flesh

    You didn't get a message saying he received your order? That's odd, I'd check your spam folder.
  10. 9520575

    What analog stereo pedals do you love to use?

    Moog phaser and Clusterflux.
  11. 9520575

    Heads Up......Stupid Deal Of The Day

    Can I get a refill for this gentlmen's haterade