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    What is the most memorable amp you have ever played?

    My old Matamp GT1 for me. It was pretty much my ideal foggy old school Orange style tone, even more so than an early “pics only” OR80 that I also owned more recently. And the clean tone was probably the thickest, heaviest clean tone I’ve ever experienced.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    You can’t post that and then ignore this amazing live version:
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    Amp Lust for 2021

    Getting into the Synergy modules has confirmed for me that I just don’t use high gain anymore. I’d get a Deliverance in a heartbeat if I needed that much gain, but I don’t. On the other hand, it’s also confirmed that I really like Dumble cleans which is kind of unfortunate. :D I see a Two Rock...
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    Sold Synergy OS module

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    Strictly FUZZ

    Could you do the orange Kay next?
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    What pedals do you have lost in the mail?

    I’ve got a modded DE7 that only just popped back up on the radar after going missing for about a week.
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    3 wishes for you from the ghost of Xmas past

    I’m so annoyed at how hard it is to pick the guitar. :rotflmao And the one I picked I only recently got rid of. Guitar: Gibson R8 w/ Fralin True 60’s pups Amp: Matamp GT1 FX: early Fuzzfaceless MkI
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    Holy trinity - Fuzz edition

    The Soulbender is a MkIII, right? Just saying “Tonebender” is being a little vague.
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    Suggestion for next Chase Bliss collaboration

    $2k CB/PigDog MkI with presets.
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    Strat wiring: what's your preference?

    Yup. Or middle pickup wide open, I can go either way on that one. Other than that everything else stock. I’ve never had much use for blending in neck and/or bridge pickups, mid boost circuits, master tone, etc...
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    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    I’m going to guess the opposite order you’ve posted: SD1 > HM2 > MT2. Use the SD1 to boost, and use the surprisingly decent EQ of the MT2 to sculpt.
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    SG versus Les Paul (which do you prefer?)

    I started on a cheap SG clone and have owned my SG Classic longer than any other piece of gear. It feels like home every time I pick it up. Having said that, if I could only have one it would be a LP. I’ve got two currently (R4 & R7) and want more. I can’t really explain the GAS, either. I have...
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    New Gear Resolutions 2021!?!?

    Maybe just one more Les Paul...
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    What Analogman Pedals Are You Rocking?

    Well... I’m weak. Bad Bob incoming.
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