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    Suhr Hombre Review

    Ordered. Couldn’t stand it any longer.
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Oh man. These things are going to be fun.
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    Get mine tomorrow. Hopefully they start shipping out more regularly.
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    New Suhr Hombre demo

    Me too
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    1x12 cab options for Friedman JJ Jr?

    I run my runt 50 thru a dr z 1x12 and am happy with it.
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    Favorite Matchless Amplifier?

    If that is a 2x10 cab and you got it in Texas, I bet it's the one that used to belong to Hadden Sayers. I've had two chances to buy that amp and wasn't able to at either time. GREAT sounding setup.
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    Favorite Matchless Amplifier?

    Duster, I have a Ian Moore concert on VHS with that amp and have heard that amp in person many times. It do sound good.
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    9.5 gauge electric guitar strings....who's making?

    Thanks Pete. I never saw an announcement from EB on the new gauges. found’em now that I knew what look for.
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    PRS soapbar questions

    Old SE soapbar (singlecut) is a great guitar. If you watch close; they turn up several times a year. Outside of that; an SE245 soap bar is what I would get. The newer ones are thicker bodied.
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    PRS Grissom pickups and covers?

    Pete Thorn and John Suhr feel that the raw nickel covers (like on DG pups) affected the sound the least.
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    Joey Landreth Tuning

    I set up my se245 with 12’s and only tuned down to open d. Had to widen some nut slots. Eventually going to totally re-dress the nut. Like it.
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    NGD - 2018 Gibson SG Standard in Autumn Shade

    At GC too Dammit I hate being a grown up.
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    NGD - 2018 Gibson SG Standard in Autumn Shade

    I totally would have bought that if I had seen one.
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    NGD - 2006 Gibson Les Paul R7

    Very nice
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    If you wanted to "PRS-SE" which one and why?

    SE 245 here. I put some McCarty pickups in it and 12ga strings; tuned to open D. Great platform for a slide setup or odd tuning guitar. I got it on one of Sweetwater’s Black Friday blowouts. Miss my old soapbar (original singlecut one) and will get another one day. Also will probably buy...
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