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  1. abergdahl

    Sun of Goldfinger (New Release with @splatt)

    A truly great album, ”spartan... ” is a extra ordinary achievment.. i really cant understand how it was created. Sound improvisera and composed at the same time.. like a mix of Coltrane, Stravinsky, and Hendrix. Would love to hear more about how it was created.
  2. abergdahl

    Jazz that isn't found in the jazz section (or that doesn't sound like jazz)

    Thundercat just released a new album, Drunk.. http://brainfeeder.net/thundercat/
  3. abergdahl

    Ideas For Pure Improvisation?

    PURE improvisation would, logically, mean that you are absolutely pure from musical experience, some have aimed for it, lika when Miles wanted McLaughlin to sound like he didn't know how to play.. So that sort of "pure" cant really exist.. a method I have tried is to put one self in a spot where...
  4. abergdahl

    Using an external DAC for home MP3 listening- How necessary is it?

    No a good DAC/amplifier will make a HUGE difference.. listning the Spotify with the Chord Mojo and my ZMF Vibro headphones is a PURE JOY.. comparable to my Linn Sondek Turntable.. and that what it is all about setting up a system that makes you enjoy music.. I downloaded Cds will sound GREAT...
  5. abergdahl

    Using an external DAC for home MP3 listening- How necessary is it?

    First tried without the dac.. very hard to hear any difference, so i could not bother to try to guess. then tried with the DAC, choose 320kbps most times, could in all cases but one tell which was the 128kbps.. The only recording where the difference was really obvious was the Mozart piano...
  6. abergdahl

    Using an external DAC for home MP3 listening- How necessary is it?

    Well with a laptops or Iphone DAC there will be no difference to hear basically..
  7. abergdahl

    Using an external DAC for home MP3 listening- How necessary is it?

    I would say that a DAC is MUCH more important than losless.. mine make ALL music in all formats A LOT better. I use a Chord Mojo: http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/product/mojo/ Anyone saying that it will not make a difference with ordinary iTunes mp3 downloads or streaming is just plain wrong...
  8. abergdahl

    Proud to Introduce Titan Guitars (By Kauer)

    That dark blue CooderTitan looks 100% amazing!!! BTW would it be possible to have frets 163,4 or 81,7 cents apart ?? (for extra charge of course..).. ;-)
  9. abergdahl

    Kimock...damn fine.

    That just OZZEESS musicianship..
  10. abergdahl

    Music Theory is NoT,,,

    It is a theory of constructed facts, like language.. an convention, in that way i differs from a scientific theory which tries to describe facts that in the natural sciences are mind independent. Music theory talks about facts of a constructed system, you cannot falsify music theory (as you...
  11. abergdahl

    Music Theory is NoT,,,

    Of course music theory is confining it tells you you MUST divide the octave i 12 steps, that you cannot have chords only containing halfsteps.. and so on.. that the reason that composer started to use spectral techniques in the mid 20th century instead of 12 tone techniques. Since most...
  12. abergdahl

    Music Theory is NoT,,,

    Well what is a "correct" c-triad is stated by the theory of music, by following the rules you play a "correct" C triad.. and if you follow rules of just intonation a correct C triad is different that in 12TET.. and in other tuning system C triad might not even exist.. As i see music theory...
  13. abergdahl

    Music Theory is NoT,,,

    Hmm i don't think we should confuse music theory with science.. Music theory, as most think of it, is more like a constructed system of extreme simplification in organizing sound. In most cases it is limeted to 12 tones of equal spacing and therefore it is not applicable to organized sound that...
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