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    Sold Line 6 Relay Wireless Systems - G90 and G50

    One G90 receiver and transmitter, one G50 receiver and transmitter. Transmitters are identical; I had the G50 as a 'travel rig' device, and racked the G90 for more...'planned' events. The G90 is pretty much minty (current firmware, which is a pain to update), the G50 is very good. The...
  2. AdmiralB

    Sold DiMarzio PAF Master set

    They are four-conductor, so yes, you can set them up to cut coils if you wish.
  3. AdmiralB

    Sold DiMarzio PAF Master set

    Double cream under nickel covers. Bridge is F-spaced, which works fine with Gibson (had these in an LP) since DiMarzio's spacings are overall narrower than 'standard'. Leads are uncut, full-length. Functionality is perfect; the covers have some 'patina' that's awfully hard to photograph...
  4. AdmiralB

    Sold DiMarzio Breed Bridge Pickup

    F-spaced, black, minty with 9" lead. $SOLD
  5. AdmiralB

    Sold Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90s

    Pair of 'un-aged', i.e. cosmetically new-looking, soapbar format P90s. These have been physically (as opposed to functionally) slightly modified to fit Historic Gibsons; the corners of the baseplates have been trimmed, and the lips that retain the magnets have been lowered so that taller covers...
  6. AdmiralB

    Sold Hipshot 6 String US Flat Plate Tremolo

    This one, chrome right-handed. Never installed, bought about three years ago for a project that died in infancy. SOLD
  7. AdmiralB

    Sold Duncan Pickups - Double Cream buckers

    Custom/59 is SOLD.
  8. AdmiralB

    Sold Duncan Pickups - Double Cream buckers

    One each SH16 "Custom/59 Hybrid" and SHPG1B Pearly Gates bridge, in the unobtanium double cream. Leads are uncut, over 12" on both. SOLD
  9. AdmiralB

    Sold DiMarzio 36th Anniversary pair

    Factory nickel covers, zebra underneath (label indicates such - 'BC' - and I verified by removing screws). Bridge is F-spaced, but fits everything (I had these in an SG). They work perfectly, full lead lengths. Covers have some small scratches that refuse to photograph without so much...
  10. AdmiralB

    Playing with truncated fingers (Iommi, slight return)

    Got an email from an old friend the other day. He'd lost about a half-inch of his left ring finger due to an interaction with a lawn mower. It's healed well, and they put a pad of tissue taken from his palm over the end...but now he's having trouble adjusting to playing. The major complaints...
  11. AdmiralB

    Sold Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (2nd gen)

    Bought in February, just upgraded to an 18i20. Mint in box with cable, power supply, etc. $195 shipped CONUS.
  12. AdmiralB

    Kiesel NAMM "Silver Sky"

    Here's the key: These aren't Strat pickups - they're a single humbucker bobbin with under-coil magnets, so they're smaller than a regular Strat unit. If the guitar had been ordered with stock pickups, there wouldn't be a gap.
  13. AdmiralB

    Sold Helix Floor

    Bought around Thanksgiving, never left the house. Basically NIB, except that the manual implies that it should come with an allen wrench to adjust pedal tension (mine didn't). With box and all the candy, aforementioned wrench excepted. Sold!
  14. AdmiralB

    Gibson Vibrola (leaf spring vibrato) questions

    I don't care about using the thing as a vibrato. I want a CS 'bird, mainly because I want the big neck. My 2010 is a fantastic guitar (and I'm finding out just how fantastic, by comparison to these CS guitars), but it's got a nearly Ibanez Wizard neck profile. Unfortunately, Gibson only...
  15. AdmiralB

    Gibson Vibrola (leaf spring vibrato) questions

    At the risk of derailing my own thread, my experiences with them started about three weeks ago (not bad for having played since 1979, I guess). For Bigsby-type semitone shimmy stuff, they seem fine - assuming a proper setup, which is the big assumption. And even past that, the issues seem more...
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