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    Tyler Classic and Studio Elite.

    Necro bump! Hi Tyler heads, im hoping some of you know as I dont know! Im about to pull the trigger on a Japanese classic but my questiin is, is it possible to put a se pickguard with slanted pickups on a classic? Thanks for any info!
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    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    My first TR is on the courier truck on the way . . . A TS1... Really looking forward to it, just a couple of quick questions (I've dipped into this thread and used the search function but cant find an answer..).. Is it possible to use an A/B switcher to swap between the FET and normal input...
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    Sold Reduced: Xotic XS-2 from Hiro Miura

    Interested in the pics!
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    Helix true wet-dry-wet rig: observations and question

    Thanks @ned911 ! Im home now for the holidays so I'll have time hopefully to get my WDW on!
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    Helix true wet-dry-wet rig: observations and question

    Sorry for the Necro bump but I have a question about setting up HXFX in a W/D/W with a physical amp... I have 3 cabs (A 2x12 V30 cab for the dry, a Satriani JVM Marshall) and 2 1x12 Mesa thiele cabs for the wet. I have a 1U stereo power amp that I am feeding the mesa with (via the line out of...
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    Sold Two Rock 1x12 oval back cabinet, black, unloaded

    Any interest in shipping to Ireland? Thanks.
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    Pickguard for an Ibanez Andy Timmons...

    HI All, looking to find a pickguard for an Ibanez Andy Timmons model (Getting a guitar built along these lines).. Looking for single ply H/s/s 9 screw/3 pot.... Any ideas where to start? Have looked at Reverb/Ebay etc but no joy as of yet... Does anybody know are the Ibanex rg40 the same or...
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    NAD: Two Rock, Classic Reverb Signature amp

    Has amybody tried their CsR with an old Hiwatt Fane loaded cab? I think the crs could be my next amp and am curious how it would sound..... thanks!
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    Sold Nintendo Switch with Zelda 300 obo

    Still available? Thanks..
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    Line 6 Helix - Gary Moore - Run For Cover Guitar Solo

    Great job - Huge Gary fan here and was lucky enough to have seen him live. What a player =)
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    Line6 releasing HX Effects at NAMM & more stuff in 2018!!!

    I almost bought a Helix last week but Im hanging tough til post Namm =)
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    Line6 releasing HX Effects at NAMM & more stuff in 2018!!!

    An FX only unit called the ""Felix".
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    Joe Satriani live at Montreux 1988

    Necro bump! Just watching Montreaux now, tight band, great gig! Is that the boss ds1 into two old marshalls?!
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