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    Gibson sg volume knob cap

    piece of tape...masking or painters tape works too.
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    Where to get a shipping box for a fender neck?

    Go to a sports store that sells drivers. They'll give you a box they were planning on throughing out. you can cut down to the right size. Done it a couple times.
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    NGD: 2014 American Standard Strat

    Please expand...
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    Played a REAL Mary Kaye....NICE!!!

    how much is he asking?
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    Worn Schaller straplocks

    same thing happened to my buttons on my strat after about ten years of playing. switched to dunlop on all my guitars.
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    Guitar purchasing- New or Used?

    i always buy used. you can find tons of guitars out there that some folks hardly ever touched and look pristine.
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    Shady guitar deals...

    Anybody here ever look into buying guitars you thought had a shady past? I've come across a few guitars on craigslist that have had the serial numbers removed, or the guy who was selling the guitar obviously never picked up a guitar let alone ever played one. I've even come across a brand new...
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    Great EVH overdub...

    If i gave evh guitar lessons it would sound like this...funny as hell.
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    My first atempt at a relic strat

    looks pretty good. far from being one of those hack jobs you see every once in a while
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    Strap Locks: Dunlop or Schaller

    I prefer the dunlops. Haven't had an issue with them yet. I have them on 7 gits right now. The schallers i've used in the past have come loose on me. BUt if you check the nut on the strap end as part of your regular maintanence then you wouldn't have to worry about that. I also had an issue with...
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    Strat w/dark stain body me w/pics :)

    i think the color of the new elvis costello jazzmaster is a great stain to try for... do a search on fenders site.
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    I'm a little sick, and a little jealous at the same time...

    So the other day my dad took me to GC to buy me my first guitar, an LP Custom, and we decided to play a trick on this guy who was giving us the stink eye.... Who knew it would cause so much commotion.
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    Need Pedalboard-does this look any good?

    I have one of great.
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    Elvis Costello Signature Jazzmaster

    I think i prefer this finish instead of the recent J Mascis JM