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    Disney Songwriters - how does it work?

    simple: disney send out to music publishers a song request. which in turn they email out to their writers. the writers either write something new or find a song they have writen. this is submitted back to the publish who inturn, "pitch" the song to disney. If disney want said song contracts are...
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    What is your favorite Tim Pierce solo?

    runaway solo, taylor mesple, guitarland etc. everything pretty much even his current pop stuff is great.
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    is a Artec DBT-1 just a Zvex superdudper?

    i just sore and i thinking about getting one soon too!
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    is a Artec DBT-1 just a Zvex superdudper? check it out. let me know!
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    Shawn Tubbs's Touring Board

    matt, did he go over why he is running the dl4 and time factor? cheers
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    Shawn Tubbs Current Pedalboard

    hey there whats the thinking behind having both a DL4 and a timefactor? cheers
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    Hey, I have a new Website and domain URL!

    i do love your photos! nice new site.
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    Favorite modulation pedal

    tremolo by far or a fast chours.
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    Orianthi's tone on AI...

    at the end f the day, does it really matter if shes better than x or y. hopefully she will inspire more kids to learn and trace back, to see who she loves and plays like. that how i really got in to carlton, from luke. As one of the so called 20. Its a different world, but do i judge myself on...
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    Can Anyone Explain the Music Biz?

    Generally people are promoted by either their label or a PR firm. They come up with a programme of how they will sell your product (e.g. CD). 1)Most artists start off with getting a contract 2) They then tour and a do spot prefromances all over the world/country. I know of a young MC (here in...
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    Guitarland - Tim Pierce

    Hey. I just got this CD today. Its on another world, great songs, tone, parts the whole thing. I dont normally like the guitar solo albums that are put out (steve vai) but this is different. Love it. massve Tim Pierce fan. if you havent checked it out go now ... AJ
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    Is there ANYTHING a timmy or klon cant do??

    lots but theres nothing like my timmy

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