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    Do you keep a backup amp?

    My main amp is a clone of a mid-sixties Vibrolux. When I play gigs I always carry my ZT Lunchbox along in case the Vibrolux craps out. I also have a Tech21 Trademark 60 which I can use if the Vibrolux happened to be in the shop.
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    Live looping — multiple undos?

    I also found a longer video from a performance he did at the RTL Jazz Festival, posted in summer 2013, and it looks like he was using a Digitech JamMan. But again, no observable undos... perhaps I only imagined he was doing that...
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    Live looping — multiple undos?

    I found that Richard Bona has a video on the Roland/BOSS YouTube page dating from 2014 where he demonstrates and talks about the BOSS RC-30. But he doesn't undo anything, he just layers up...
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    Live looping — multiple undos?

    Thanks for the replies, Elantric and plexified!
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    Live looping — multiple undos?

    I've recently started experimenting with looping, which has intrigued me ever since the days of Frippertronics — after seeing a live demo/concert by Robert Fripp at San Francisco State University back in the early eighties, and again after seeing Richard Bona perform a solo looping piece while...
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    Band demos

    Thanks, bainmack!
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    Band demos

    The band I'm playing guitar in recorded some demos late last summer, I mixed 'em and put them up on SoundCloud. The numbers are "Black Cow" by Steely Dan "Ain't No Woman (Like the One I Got)" by the Four Tops "Takin' It to the Streets" by the Doobie Brothers "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis...
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    Looking for suggestions on simple pieces to play

    At work we have a weekly Thursday late afternoon "happy hour" at which I have every once in a great while played some guitar, either solo or with some backing tracks, and once with a tabla player. Recently one of our newer employees asked if maybe I'd like to do a duet with her on piano. I said...
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    For those of you who use windows to record, what DAW and machine do you use?

    A custom Windows 10 PC, 64 bit, with SONAR Platinum and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.
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    All Blues

    I recorded this today over a pre-recorded backing track (from Bobby's Backing Tracks): "All Blues"
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    Silent Guitar Recording - Help Please!

    +1 on S-Gear
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    Focusrite Claret, Scarlet or Ensemble???

    I just swapped out my Echo Audio Layla 3G, which wasn't behaving well under Windows 10, with a Scarlett 6i6. So far it's worked great, except that I have not been able to get a decent signal from my Line 6 POD HD in the S/PDIF input (using SONAR Platinum). Update 2/13 – I tried the S/PDIF again...
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    Do Buzz Feiten Guitars come equipped with the Feiten Tuning System?

    Thanks for chiming in, Joe. Interestingly, yesterday I stumbled on a review that mentioned this issue – Guitar Aficionado's November 2013 review of the Signature Elite Pro model. Here's what it said: "Interestingly, one feature you won’t find on the Signature Elite—or any Feiten guitar, for...
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    Do Buzz Feiten Guitars come equipped with the Feiten Tuning System?

    It doesn't seem to be mentioned as being featured in the descriptions of the guitar models on the website , and I've done a little Googling but haven't found anyone asking or answering this question so far. Does anyone know?
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    I've been listening to 20th century composers this AM(aka modern classical).

    George Crumb I saw this piece performed by a quartet I believe was called the Concord String Quartet back in '72 or '73 at S.U.N.Y. New Paltz: