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    Please, RMC powering info!

    Hi everybody, I need an important answer to choose a new wah pedal! I'd like to buy an RMC, Wizard i think, but I've read on the website that is MUST be powered by a max 200mA AC Adapter. I use a 1Spot which gave me 1,7Ampere power, can I use it with the RMC or I'll have problem with it...
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    Maxon SD9, How does it compare?

    I own an SD9 and really LOVE it!!! I've tried lots of boutique pedals, like BB Preamp, Okko Diablo, OCD, SRB808, Maxon VOP9 and others and nothing sound as good as the SD9!!!!It's my favourite overdrive/distortion ever...oh, mine is stock and works good without mods, BUT you have to turn the...
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    Why does someone pay $230 for a Fulltone OCD??

    I think it's because of the old Rev or version. I've had a Rev 4 and sound horrible, too much scopped in the midrange and too fuzzy. I've sold it in a couple of days...before I've bought it I've tried a Rev 2 and sound WAY better, not fuzzy at all and not so scopped! I think most of the people...
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    Maxon VOP-9 arrived!

    Hi everybody, my Maxon VOP-9 has arrived last week, I've tried it at home and some gigs...this are my impressions: It doesn't sound like an SD-9 in my opinion, as Scott Henderso said, it's different. It has more mids than the SD9, ina good way, it enhances the sound of single coil, the highs are...
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    Help me to find the right Overdrive/Distortion pedal!

    Thank you guys!!!! In the list of pedal I would buy there are: 1. Maxon SD-9: cheap and easy to find used. 2. Effect Pedal Boutique SRB808: never tryed but my friends tell me it's wonderfull. 3. Precision Overdrive: hard for me to have... If you would listen to me playing here you can, so...
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    Help me to find the right Overdrive/Distortion pedal!

    Hi everybody, I'm new of this wonderfull forum, I'm Italian so forget about my enslish!:crazy I need an overdrive/distortion, I've been looking for it since February and still not found anything right! I LOVE Scott Henderson tone, and playing of course, I have a Fender American Stratocaster...
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