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    Does switching from guitar to a 34" scale bass guitar feel really strange to you?

    No stranger than switching from guitar to piano.
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    3 amps you would buy back

    I can only contribute a single amp to this discussion because I hoard amps and rarely sell them. The one amp I would like back is a silver face Princeton Reverb that I had, with a Weber alnico Blue Pup speaker. That thing sounded glorious. I didn't know what I had I guess.
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    If you had to be in a tribute band, what would your top band choices be?

    XTC Tom Petty B-52s Paul McCartney & Wings
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    their bass lines are better than most others’ entire songs Woman Builds Ironclad Case Proving Mila Kunis Looks Bad Without Makeup MILFORD, DE—After several months spent compiling and analyzing hundreds of magazine articles, internet slideshows, and transcripts...
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    Why aren't these LP customs in the Gibson demo shop selling?

    IMO any sort of scratch and dent guitar is best chosen with an opportunity to try it out in person. Then you can get a visceral feeling for how much you love the guitar vs how much of a letdown the cosmetic issues are, including the fact that it's stamped DEMO on the headstock. If the price were...
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    What's your favorite headstock design? (That isn't Gibson or Fender.)

    I love the traditional torch headstock inlay on an acoustic guitar, and variations on that theme.
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    Songs with great opening lines

    Lucinda Williams writes great lyrics. Everybody's had a few, and now they're talkin' about who knows who I'm going back to the Crescent City, where everything's still the same Sylvia was working as a waitress in Beaumont She said, "I'm moving away, I'm gonna get what I want I'm tired of...
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    Songs with great opening lines

    I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel, I was staring in my empty coffee cup I was thinking that the Gypsy wasn't lying: all the salty margaritas in Los Angeles, I'm gonna drink 'em up
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    Things you dislike about concert films

    Too much camera movement, or changes in camera angles. And more generally, too much intrusiveness by the film on the event. The concert film should be like a window to a moment in time, and we should enjoy looking through that window at the concert, and not noticing that the window itself is...
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    I don't get Elliot Smith

    This is one of my favorites of his. I agree it's Beatlesesque. To my ear it sounds in the vein of a McCartney composition, with the strong quarter note emphasis on the piano. I love the bass on it too, and I suppose that's ES himself on the bass. And yet for all the Beatles qualities of the...
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    I don't get Elliot Smith

    Aside from the beautiful melodies & chord progressions, interesting lyrics, perfect bridges, nice singing voice, and a little touch of White Album-era Beatles influence, I don't see what anybody ever saw in the guy.
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    What does sterile mean?

    The notes do not convey much feeling or emotion. There's not much happening to the notes in terms of bloom or being on the edge of breakup.
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    Capo Snobbery

    George Harrison and Dave Rawlings used capos so if you're a dirty, low-down capo user you're in good company.
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    Gold sparkle finishes

    Not my pic but I have a gold sparkle Duo Jet just like this one, and it looks the same in person. The Gretsch gold sparkle has a hint of orange to it compared to Gibson goldtop Les Pauls or Fender shoreline gold.
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