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    MP Loud ‘N Proud!!! King of the MIABs

    Yes, most of the time I run the presence quite low. I also run the bass and mids almost on full and bring the treble down until it sounds just right to me. I used it into a Marshall Plexi at a gig where I couldn’t push the amp itself and got great vintage tones!
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    So I Tried a Real Klon Centaur Today

    Here’s a link to the article in which Bill discussed the change (look under “Top 5 Klon Myths)
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    So I Tried a Real Klon Centaur Today

    I don’t know if everyone knows this, but Bill Finnegan made some minor tweaks to the Centaur early on, made it a tiny bit rounder sounding. I bought an early one, pre-GP article; the slightly changed version (one which I’ve played for many hours) is barely different, and my KTR sounds exactly...
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    Who's still rocking a Straub Cantus?

    Just retuned and revised mine. Sounds great into a Pure 64 cab! Haven’t talked to Harry in years, but he always was a pleasure, and I still love this amp!
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    fender bassbreaker 45

    I’m loving this amp! No review seems to have discovered that if one brings the tone controls down to 0-3, the amp can be overdriven at much lower volume levels while still sounding tuneful and tactile. I did this with the tone knobs, brought the power down to 1 watt, cranked the volume knobs and...
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    Sold Lovepedal Vibronaut

    Image by alguit posted Feb 28, 2017 at 9:23 PMImage by alguit posted Feb 28, 2017 at 9:23 PMImage by alguit posted Feb 28, 2017 at 9:22 PMImage by alguit posted Feb 27, 2017 at 11:19 AM Kingsley Minstrel, V2 - Sold Lovepedal Vibronaut- $145 Vertex Dynamic Distortion- sold No trades, thank you...
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    Skreddy Major Overdrive

    Great new OD from Marc Ahlfs/Skreddy Pedals. The Major Overdrive. 70's classic rock tones as good as I've heard. Goes from light breakup to thick, compressed lead tones. I have/have had many overdrives, from TS's to an original Klon, and this has won me over big time! Played mine for hours...
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    Best Cream-era Clapton drive pedal?

    Love my HALO-very versatile!
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    EH Lester G

    I prefer the Lester to the Rotospin-it seems a more authentic sound (I want that organ flavor with it more than just a guitarthrough a spinning speaker. I grew up with an organist bro who used real Leslie cabs-love that sound! :) ). I liked the Rotochoir but the level was always too hot with the...
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    EH Lester G

    I had a chance to use the Lester G this weekend live, and I was mightily impressed. I owned a Ventilator II and other makes before this, and to my ears (and the bands and the sound crew), the Lester best nailed the tones of a swirling and churning Leslie. I know there are diehard Vent fans, but...
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    Which Plexi-type pedal?

    I've had the DLS and the SL and four or five of the others listed throughout here. The Gurus sounds fantastic, and I'd love to try one, but my favorite so far is my Weehbo JCM drive. It has the low mids, the feel and is easy to tweak. Love it a lot!
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    What's your favorite dual-overdrive you're using....

    Still a big fan of the Alairex HALO-- amp-like and very tweakable. I also love my Weehbo JCM Drive-a convincing Plexi and JCM 800 in one small box.
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    KR Gypsy Fuzz vs Berkos Third Stone

    I've had both. I liked the Gypsy but actually preferred Mojo Hand's Crosstown Fuzz-I thought I could get the same tones and more out of the Crosstown. The Berkos was sweet and focused, and could even sound really good into a cleaner amp, however, sometimes the mids were too much for me and...
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    Your Absolute Favorite Bowie song: You only get to pick one

    It's always been "Heroes," but I have been spellbound by the title track "Blackstar" since it came out-I listen to it multiple times every day.
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    Best pedal to sweeten a dull clean channel

    Earthquaker Devices Speaker Cranker is a great pedal; at its lowest setting it adds a touch of compression and a small bit of od. Also, any OD then hitting it sounds so much richer.
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