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    Last concert before this mess?

    We flew to Seattle to see Death Cab for Cutie at the Showbox.
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    Man, Third Eye Blind's debut record was really underrated.

    There was a time when “grunge became pop, which evolved into a short time where pop became “grunge”. So I understand the guilty pleasure aspect of it as that album was the sign that grunge was losing its dirt. That said I think the song writing was fantastic and I like listening to that record...
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    I have two aracoms because I like to run the master on my jcm800’s >6 while keeping the preamp gain low. The have a lineout if you want to run ir’s and cab sims, you can run them silently as a load and on the occasion that I like to attenuate my super reverb i can set my cabinet and amp...
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    Foxx Tone Machine clone?

    Isnt the fulltone ultimate octave a tone machine clone? I think the octafuzz is an octavio clone but if you're looking for an accessible and easy to find tone machine clone I would add a used ultimate octave to your list.
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    EMI driving me crazy!!

    I dont think an expensive power conditioner is going to help you. Your new apartment clearly has a lot of emi. The best thing you could probably do is shield the cavities of your guitars but that will be a lot of work for minimal improvement. This is an opportunity to get really good at riding...
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    Powerful EQ unit to allow dirt boxes to be used in front of a Twin Reverb?

    What speakers are in the twin? A switch to a more neutral speaker may make it a more useable amp for you and allow it to behave better with overdrives. But it also sounds like it may not be the amp for you.
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    Three sided mic sound blocker for guitar amps...what is it?

    Most ribbons have a figure 8 pattern and reject the sides. An exception would be the m160.
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    Bit Depth / Sample Rate

    In my experience the difference is hardware dependent. Bit depth is the amount of information in each sample and basically sets your headroom and noise floor. There isnt much of a benefit in going above 24 bits. Sample rate sets the max frequency that you can capture. You need double the sample...
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    KT77 a direct replacement in a JCM800 converted to EL34?

    I dont have a lot of experience with the later 800s but the 65 is a pretty dark speaker. If it is still very bright I dont know that a swap to a different tube is going to do it unless there is something wrong with the old tubes, especially if youre not driving the power tubes with a lot of...
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    KT77 a direct replacement in a JCM800 converted to EL34?

    What speaker are you using, and where do you run the preamp volume? I can’t turn the bass on my 800 above 4 without it causing the preamp distortion to get muddy and flubby. With the eq on the 800 youre more setting what frequencies you want to break up first than setting an overall output eq.
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    EP Booster -- purpose?

    I also found it to be too bassy and if I remember correctly I traded it in when I bought my Timmy many years ago. I really like using the jfet boost side of my king of the britains as unity gain always on pedal. It makes everything before it sound better, fuzz, tubescreamer, rat, everything. I...
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    15” Guitar Speakers

    Celestion has the fullback 15 which could be worth checking out. Ive never played one but have heard a couple Of recordings and they sounded great. Almost tempted to make a 2x15 cab for it.
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    What amps with the Celestion Classic Lead 80?

    50 and 100 watt jcm800. Anything from fuzzy hendrix, funk, 90s rock using either single coils or humbuckers.
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    What's your tubescreamer of the minute?

    I like the green rhino. I can set it to sound exactly like my maxon 0D9 and then I can dial out or add mids and bass to taste. It Sounds like a tubescreamer should but with just enough added flexibility.
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    Celestion G12-65 vs. Classic Lead 80

    I would pair the lead 80 with something like a bh75ld. I would compliment it with something that has more high-end grind but still a large dustcap so that they blend well.
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