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Recent content by Allthumbs56

  1. Allthumbs56

    Your earliest musical memories

    My aunt who was only 12 years older than me lived with us. At 4 years old I remember her bringing home records and letting me listen to them now and then. The two I remember most are "Little Nash Rambler" and "All I Have to do is Dream".
  2. Allthumbs56

    Marshall mx212 vs sc212?

    I had a 70/80 in an open cab once and I couldn't get it out fast enough. In the closed-back they're much better. More "hi-fi" perhaps. Had a pretty good bite and presence. Funny about the 12T but I don't really have an opinion - I mean, Marshall has put those things in everything so you just...
  3. Allthumbs56

    Marshall mx212 vs sc212?

    I've got an MX212 I use with my DSL50. I would have rather purchased the 1936 but opted for the MX for the sole reason that it fits in my car (it's about 1.5" shorter). It came stock with the 70/80 speakers which I intended to replace with a pair of the 12T75's I had sitting around. I did do a...
  4. Allthumbs56

    My kids don't like the Beatles

    I'm 65 and just developing a better understanding and respect for Elvis. There's time.
  5. Allthumbs56

    My kids don't like the Beatles

    Yeah - I never liked Sinatra. Wait! Yes I do!
  6. Allthumbs56

    Why so much animosity for PRS players, or for anyone that has a guitar with a nice top?

    My Gibson J-185 has flamed maple back and sides - not Classical perhaps - but acoustic and the only one who can see the flames is me. Does that count?
  7. Allthumbs56

    Why so much animosity for PRS players, or for anyone that has a guitar with a nice top?

    I've got a relatively pedestrian CU22 - whale blue, not a 10-top but has the birds. I bought it used for (I believe) $1,700 Canadian. It's a great guitar and I use it at every gig that I only bring one guitar to as I find it can morph pretty good tone-wise. If I bring two guitars I usually bring...
  8. Allthumbs56

    I still love my JCM 2000 DSL

    Love my DSL50. My favorite amp to play through. Big and heavy and too much juice for a lot of small clubs these days though. My DRRI sees more gig use.
  9. Allthumbs56

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    Her ego wrote checks incredibly fast - but her personality didn't have the cash. She Ain't Pretty, Northen Pikes.
  10. Allthumbs56

    Five hours to get into The Beatles

    I could listen to And Your Bird Can Sing and Drive My Car back-to-back in a loop for 5 hours.
  11. Allthumbs56

    Five hours to get into The Beatles

    That some pretty decent "filler" :aok
  12. Allthumbs56

    Five hours to get into The Beatles

    Make sure some of their singles make it in there too. I think some can only found on the compilations. "I'm Down", "Paperback Writer", "Rain", .....
  13. Allthumbs56

    Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbors - what a KILLER album!!

    His unplugged album is incredible
  14. Allthumbs56

    SF Fender Princeton NON-reverb price check

    I sold a drip-edge non-reverb a couple years ago. I got more than I paid for it - but no where near what the verbs were selling for. If you're a buyer you really need to know the difference between - a non-verb and a verb - very different animals - it's not like they're the same except that one...
  15. Allthumbs56

    Tilting Your Amp

    I have one of these - but I've never put a combo up top. In small clubs I'll prop my DRRI against the legs tilted back and put the P/A up top. With my DSL50 I'll put the head up top and tilt a 2x12 against the legs. If I'm concerned that the cab may fall forward I'll just slide a bit of a 2x4 or...