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    Reverend Guitars

    Also love the Eastsider S and I was quite happy with the stock pickups!
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    Do Strats need gain to sound good?

    A Strat needs the right man playing it! After that it depends on the song you're playing
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    Strat or Tele?

    One must have both to really understand why one needs both!
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    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    Solution It’s called being a Musician
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    What’s your favourite 1x12 tube combo?

    Magnatone Varsity Cathedral Reverb!
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    Why do vintage 30's get a bad rap here?

    I like em! Have one in a Deluxe Reverb and EL84 Vox Style combos. On rare occasions when a combo needs more low end I go to a G12H30
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    NAD - Fender Deluxe Reverb Tone Master

    I’m a tube snob and I love it! I wish it had a speaker output jack.
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    Late night silent recording OX, Captor, Iridium, Or?

    I agree with Bigfoamfinger. I have the Iridium and the OX. The Iridium is great and convenient but the Ox and my Deluxe Reverb sounds more open and has more “give”. The Iridium feels “tight” in comparison.
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    Low Power Combo for Cleans

    Tone Master Deluxe Reverb - Sounds great at all volumes, Attenuator works great and it's 23 pounds! You're gonna like how you look... I guarantee it!
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    low gain sweetener to thicken up a strat?

    I've always used a clean boost Zvex Super Hardon or EP Boost I also keep coming back to the OCD or BB Preamp
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    What's your favorite all tube 1x12 combo amp?

    Magnatone Varsity Reverb Fargen Epic Custom reverb
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    Fender Cleans plus EL84 chime in one amp

    Carr Telstar is exactly that by design! 6L6 and EL84 tubes in one amp!
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    Those who have several amps: what's your fav?

    Today my Allen Old Flame 2x10 combo!