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    Rare pedal chips? Really? Am I missing something?

    Most bucket brigade chips like Panasonic MN3005's or Reticon SAD1024's , some curtis chips and things like that are rare as they've been obsoleted or discontinued, and they expire.. I believe EHX is using CoolAudio BBDs and anyone else with a genuine analog BBD delay/effect pedal is likely...
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    Small 1/4" plugs for a snake?

    Try packing the OD of the cabling with heat shrink tubing, get to .20"+ you should be fine with any 1/4" jack.. Might want to add a piece to function as a strain relief as well.. We've tinkered with using mogami snakes for send/returns & switching, generally it was a pita to work with and it...
  3. -analog- New website!

    Our new site is up and running!! Take a look & tell us what you think! Thanks :)
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    Jaguar pickups

    What's the current jaguar pickup craze? :)
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    Strymon & Source audio pedals instock

    Strymon's instock & they're absolutely fantastic!!!!! We're trying to get the word out in the Philly area. We have a limited amount of pedals instock! The pedals are also available to demo at Evolution Studio in Collegeville, pa! We have a small retail display setup there with some nice amps...
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    Thicker Tube Screamer

    Tim Jauernig- Gristle king
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    Need help with power.

    the timeline will run fine off a pp2+ in port 5/6 should give you no issues. Maybe put a small power strip into the courtesy outlet or run a neutrik powercon into a power strip on your board and run the 2 voodoo labs units and the M5 off of it, that will give you 1 central main power input to...
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    2 words about Jeff Beck

    Forever Evolving
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    2X12 cabs: Avatar, Sourmash, Marshall... who makes a good one for a fair price?

    Some of the newer 1936 cabs are made with MDF which is a no-no... About 2 years ago I had one with an MDF back and baffle, I couldn't believe my eyes when found the mdf delight inside... Explained everything..Great idea for a cab but it was easily the most lifeless cab I've ever used in stock...
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    2X12 cabs: Avatar, Sourmash, Marshall... who makes a good one for a fair price?

    For British style cabs = STONE AGE CABS For D-Style, Check out Taylor will make your dreams come true.. Those V-Boutique cabs on ebay arent bad either! Dumble spec and run around $300... Avatar cabs are great too but over the years their either too big or way to small to...
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    Evidence Audio Cable picks up RF one way... but not reversed?

    Try ground lifting your entire rig - the fact its happening with a specific pedal leads me to think its a power/grounding noise issue. Be sure to use the directional cables in the proper direction If you run them backward you will be sure to have unwanted RF noise in certain environments.. How...
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    Scratchy pot on a Jag-Stang

    :facepalm:facepalm:facepalm:facepalm ach...
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    Scratchy pot on a Jag-Stang

    when you clean any pot or fader with contact cleaner you should re-lube them after cleaning.. Most contact cleaners disolve the lubricant inside the pot and you may be hearing the mechanical noise of the wiper traveling over the conductive element inside the pot- Try some contact lube before...