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    Deep Purple 1973 NY City

    Great show! Blackmore could play circles around (almost) all other players around in those days. If you look closely at the beginning you see he has a plastic wedge under the saddles to raise them. Would not be TGP approved but seemed to work for him ;)
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    What Guitar Picks do you Really Like?

    Not so picky.... generally something like standard fender heavies on electric or mediums for acoustic. Or the Hercos 75 for electric and the 50’s for acoustic, have hundreds of different picks but after a while of honeymoon I tend to switch back to the tried and true
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    derek trucks and his current amps

    I think it depends on the venue. A SR in a smaller club or rehearsal room is a loud beast, but put it up on a big, open stage with lots going on and you struggle to hear it. I had the fortune to play bigger stages and had to put my 50W JMP Marshall or my SR running on 8 in the monitors as I...
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    derek trucks and his current amps

    Just watched the Fireside in the stripped down version. Looks like a Pro Reverb or Vibrolux to me...I belive a Twin would be overkill in that environment
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    Have you ever bought back a guitar you sold?

    No, but I would buy back the Oxblood Jeff Beck Les Paul I sold years back
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    Does anyone here use head amp wider than cabinet (i.e. kind of like a T)?

    I had a2x12 narrower than my Marshall head. Sound was great but I hated the look so I got another cab. I know it‘s stupid....
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Honestly? Kinda bored because of this whole Covid...and measured them and they measure about 12 K and it seems all „experts“ agree that is too high for a P90 to sound right. Otherwise like I said initially I like the sound quite well...
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    Epi Casino pickups

    That‘s my thought too...over the years I tried and had lost of so called boutique stuff and in the end it‘s not much of a difference, at least in my ears
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    TeleBird built...

    Thanks for the inputs...still not started yet.. but beeing in europe I will not buy in the US as import taxes and fees are way too high. We have quite a few good sources for electronics and pickups over here. It should be a fun project and cost as before I won‘t find a nice lefty tele...
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    If you could be a great guitarist OR great singer...

    Singer....more chicks :)
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Thanks so far. Like stated I want to avoid the US boutiqe stuff as over here in europe it gets way high pricewise. So Duncan or Gibson are way cheaper and easier to come by
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Yes I saw those, it‘s just where I live I can find Gibsons and Duncans or Di Marzios easily and priced right. Buying online overseas is just overkill for a set of pickups..200$ plus about 30$ shipping sums up at over 300 with customs etc.
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Just measured the pickups in my 02 Epi Casino (it‘s a Peerless) and they run about 12 K...I know I read here somewhere that one cannot easily install aftermarkets like Duncans or Gibson P90‘s in a Casino due to different spacings of the poles. I just cannot find the thread here... now would it...
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    pretty much says it all about the super reverb.

    Have my 68 SR for about 25 years now and it‘s the only amp I never ever even remotely thought of selling.