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    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    Yes, I owned a PT20 head and there was zero clean headroom for me. I thought it would be the perfect small club Plexi, but I couldn't get it to work out.
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    What guitar will you let your teenage son use - get him his own or one of yours?

    I let my kid play all my guitars. Through different amps and pedals. Gradually over a 2-3 year period I bought him an early 2000s Inca Silver American standard strat. I replaced the pickups to some 57/62 with a reverse wound middle. I just let him use one of my amps and about a year later I...
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    Own the Perfect Tele...But I don't play it

    search for Cavalier pickups and check out his tele bridge pickups. I bet he has one that will match up to that firebird neck pickup. Email him. He is usually pretty quick to respond. Good luck
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    John Mayer type stuff?

    Ariel Posen Bros landreth
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    Need recommendations for tele pickups...

    Cavalier pickups. Prices are great and lots of options. He has about a half dozen tele bridge pickups. I have 3 and really like all of them. There are some great youtube clips of them. I have a MJT parts tele with a Huge Lion in the Bridge, a MJT esquire build with a Fat lion in the bridge...
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    Price check on a 3rd Power British Dream

    I paid $1100 for my British Dream combo last year. It is a version 1 with the orange glow switch. You should definitely play it some before selling it. Very cool amp.
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    Good players good singers

    I don't think it is that Hendrix had an amazing voice or range, but that he had a unique way of phrasing his vocals that was pretty cool.
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    Good players good singers

    Ian Moore
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    Any love for the Floyd Rose guitars?

    I think one of the concerns is the availability of strings. Not sure if they have them in production and consistently available to the public.
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    Recommend some Eric Gales...

    Not up to date on his recent stuff. But I would recommend The Eric Gales Band Picture of a Thousand Faces The Gales Brothers - Left Hand Brand
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    Joe Bonnamassa: "That’s where the Black Keys and Jack White have succeeded and I’ve f

    Joe is not edgy. I think Joe has always probably viewed himself to be about 20 years older than he is. He has always leaned toward the music of his heros rather than the music of his peers. I think John Mayer has went more in this direction the last few albums. I like both of them, but I...
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    The Guitar Lineage Of Dio

    That would have been amazing to see King's X and Dio in the same show.
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    Whoa... JACK PEARSON: new instructional site!

    Definitely worth checking out. Those 5 youtube videos at the Gibson clinic are worth watching over and over.
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