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    Brasso for polishing frets?

    +1 to this. I've been using this version: Miracle Cloth According to other people on here, this is exactly the same thing. Did an awesome job on my frets. Made by Dunlop.
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    Oil-finish Body Maintenance

    Thanks for the info guys. I hit up Rustoleum to see what they recommend as a substitute: Thank you for contacting Rust-Oleum Product Support. You are correct that the Watco Timberex products are not available in the U.S.; these products are manufactured in Europe. We hate to disappoint, but...
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    Oil-finish Body Maintenance

    Hi all, coming to you for wisdom and guidance. First off I just acquired this really nice MIJ Bacchus bass guitar. Really great quality and I'm loving it. That being said, the body is ash finished with a black oil finish and I'm not exactly sure about how to maintain it. From their website...
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    Robert DeLeo (STP) Bass

    I'm a guitarist really, but I always loved his bass playing and I was watching reverb also for those. STP just always has such cool bass parts. Almost bought one and ended up getting a Bacchus Japanese P bass instead. It's awesome and was the right call. Lots of the recorded stuff was different...
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    GC Times Square closed

    I was in a business around Times Square and we paid about 60k monthly for like 600 sq ft
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    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I had a McNaught with SS frets and it played amazingly. I'm spoiled now and using nickel again is noticably different. Granted those came in it from the start, but I didn't notice any abnormal brightness or anything like that. I will definitely put SS on my LP at some point and get rid of the...
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    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    If I remember correctly he said in a GW interview around the time of Tiny Music that he was using a lot of P90s and teles along with weird old small tube combos cranked all the way up. I think Core was mostly his Demeter pre and VHT 2150 with a Les Paul.
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    What's your favorite Beatles song to play along with on the guitar?

    Lots of fun ones so can’t pick a fav. Some I like to do that I haven’t seen brought up yet: I’m a Loser Don’t Let Me Down Julia Dear Prudence
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    Which Les Paul Standard?

    I have a 2001 Standard that I got pretty cheap a few years ago. It's not super heavy at a little under 10 lbs. I believe they called it a "rounded" neck profile then which I'm told is basically a '59 profile kind of in between 50s and 60' profiles. I also have a 2002 Studio with the same neck...
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    Biggest "WTF is that?" record company reaction?

    Label: Ugh alright. You guys win. Well I guess we can live with's still songs more or less? I guess it's maybe not so weird. Talk Talk: Sweet. Oh yeah, there's this too (hands over Laughing Stock) Label: Fuuuuuuuuuuu I'd imagine Warner Bros were less than excited when the Flaming...
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    New Straps

    I have a thick strap that I could never get to work with the old version, but no problems at all with the new ones. They also lock on the strap better because of the screw they added.
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    NGD Gone wrong (Fake) 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Comparing it to online pics and my own LP the front of the headstock seems good actually. Location of the TRC is correct according to the Gibson site pics from back then. I think it might be the light reflecting from the embossed numbers and not painted in white. But the font doesn’t match...
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    NGD Gone wrong (Fake) 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    I would sell the SAS if you can get it back and just buy a LP. FWIW I have a 2001 standard which is an awesome guitar, I believe same specs as the 2000. The resale on that time period seems to be not good for whatever reason. I got mine for 1300 and I’ve seen a few on reverb around that price...
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    What's your favourite Bridge pup in a SG?

    The Godwoods have been my favorite in every guitar I've tried them in. Sounded killer in my SG.
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    Noiseless P90's or Noise Gate?

    Can't comment on the pickups as I haven't tried any of them, but as far as gates go I love the ISP Decimator. Worked really well with the P90 guitar I had and everything else too.
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