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    Don't care what anyone says, no pedal is worth what this guy just paid for one.

    Did he mean .68 dollars? I have no idea how YouTube works.
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    Is the cheapest Gibson ES-335 really $2600?

    Yamaha makes a better 335 than Gibson nowadays.
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    Zoom MS70 Screen -repairable/replaceable?

    Sell it on Reverb as the limited Rorschach edition.
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    FSOT Gibson CS 339

    Lovely guitar. I dig it. Speaking of the humbucker thing, I know what you mean about sometimes wanting something vintage and other times wanting something more modern. Recently, I picked up a Godin DS-1 with their HDR circuit (High Definition Revoicer). When not on, the guitar has a vintage...
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    New 3x12 Cab Day

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    A box to rearrange pedals order (stereo)?

    Just buy another pedal and stick one at the end.
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    Remembering The Jam

    Mate, no one has forgot about The Jam.
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    Love the music, hate the scene.

    Phish. Love the music. I can take a hard pass on the Phishheads.
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    Awesome Sylvain Luc' pedalboard.

    No idea. I know he uses a dirt box sometimes, so it might be something like that.
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    Awesome Sylvain Luc' pedalboard.

    Better late than never, right?
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    One Package - Best of Tweed & Blackface

    Mesa Formula Pre & Mesa Heartbreaker AB763 (Blackface) circuit on the clean channel. 5F6A (Tweed Bassman) circuit on the lead channel.
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    Not Vintage. But great.

    I own guitars 40 years older than those... If the 70s Fenders are vintage, my Gibsons must be ancient!
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    When is it too soon to refret?

    My 1935 Gibson L-12 is still on its original frets and it gets played every day.
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    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    Eddie and Hendrix are the two most important rock guitar players of all time. Even if you don't know it, their licks, ideas, and tones are all over your music. You are a derivative of them.
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    What kind of Rat is this?

    USA Rat 2. The slew rate on the opo7 is just as crap as the LM308. They sound the same within standard component drift.

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