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    "Only Selling Because This Guitar Deserves To Be Played"

    I have a guitar that I'm likely to sell. A lot of people would be thrilled. It IS the right guitar for someone. Whatever's the reason, I'm not using regularly. Not sure inanimate objects deserve much, but I get this sentiment. Space and money has value too.
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    Winter NAMM 2021 Canceled :(

    Pretty much. We have half-assed our collective handling of this crisis... and this is the responsible result. We can't have nice things.
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    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    Stainless frets Slim neck 12"—16" radius Nearly all the guitars I've acquired in the last 15 years fit that bill, save one acoustic with nickel-silver frets.
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    Winter NAMM 2021 Canceled :(

    Sorry to hear, but no big surprise. It's a legendary germ-fest: crowds, handshakes, lots of tight socialization all day and night, and then add in air travel and sleep deprivation. The minute Covid became a thing this past winter, I knew I wouldn't be going in '21.
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    50's wiring for 4-lead Seymour Duncans

    I'm a bit stumped. Is this right? Wiring and SG, typical set up: toggle, two vol, two tone Red and white taped off Bare wire to ground Black to the pot lug 3 (2 is to the cap, 1 is to ground) Green to ground
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    You people who bought a tube amp for your CLEAN tones, what did you buy ?

    A Princeton clone. But there's lots of choices.....
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    Saw Pat Metheny Last Night

    Very cool. Their new album is really good too. Last time I saw him was duo with Larry Grenadier at the Blue Note. Excellent!
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    Rewiring a 1986 PRS

    Thanks! You google much better than I do. This worked great.
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    Rewiring a 1986 PRS

    I'm working on my old PRS. I put the stock pickups back in, but without the original wiring. Instead I wanted to use a conventional tone control and pickup selector, instead of the sweet switch and rotary knob. OK.... I suspect somethings up with the four-lead wiring that I did. Only half the...
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    Etiquette re: Lowball Offers?

    Sometimes its hard to know what might be considered lowball. I offered 50% of the asking price on a recent item, albeit one that's hard to value. A month later, we came to agreement at 47% off asking. That said, I am concerned about offending, but it doesn't change the fact that I want your...
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    The Best Solid State Guitar Amps Ever Made?

    What's SFTR? And what happens the other 10% of the time?