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    Is buying a used amp worth it?

    I have bought new, bought used, and custom built WAY TOO MANY amps. New amps are nice and tend to be more stable. but if you are worried about "value" it drops off fast. USED amps are broken in, BUT you don't really know the history. I buy nice used amps (some from the here!) and I have...
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    Custom USA built electric guitars around $2K ... is there a market ?

    I think there is a "desire" for such a product, but unfortunately, there is no resale market for such a thing, and people put a LOT of thought into resellability of items. Everyone wants a custom guitar with all the cool options, but in order to keep the build quality in check, and the...
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    Thoughts on financing guitars?

    As someone who has worked in guitar sales over the years (and who only recently re-activated my TGP account lol) I will say Financing at zero percent with whom i think you are financing with, isn't a bad deal.... as long as you can afford it. The problem comes from someone who goes over their...
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    How would you build your ultimate 5-pedal board?

    Hmmmm, 5 board pedalboard? My guitar is a PRS HBII with dragon II pickups, The amp would be my Silver Jubilee, and the pedals would be my JHS boost clone for goosing the front end, a reverb for in the loop, and possibly a 7 band eq for lead boost/eq since i don't use a channel switch.... Maybe...
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    Should I pull the trigger or not?!?!? PRS singlecut

    Well, it has been taken out of my hands! A regular customer has asked it be transfered to another store, and I didn't have an "official" hold on it, so off it goes. Probably for the best, as I DO have enough singlecut guitars at the moment.... I think I am going to keep my eyes open for...
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    Should I pull the trigger or not?!?!? PRS singlecut

    Hey guys, as my signature states, I used to have lots of gear, then got divorced, and I have been "Rebuilding" for years now. I have a nice selection of PRS guitars, my weapon of choice as it were. I work in a shop, so I do see them occasionally, and pick them up when i can Currently have an...
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    Tweed Pro 5D5 Advice Gut Shots Added

    Speakers are so subjective, Hope you dig the Weber 10's I am on the other side, I like really dark speakers for the most part, and find that 10's are too snappy for my tastes. I've tried several versions, but never liked them. I prefer dark sounding 12's and 15s
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    Capacitor Replacement - Orange

    as for the squeal, it could just be wire placement... not easy to correct for when most "wires" are solder traces.
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    Capacitor Replacement - Orange

    Hmmmmm, I don't have much to add that's constructive lol. NOT trying to disagree with Mr Fahey, though I do think some caps do have a difference brand wise.... not a huge difference, but cumulatively through an entire amp, I found that Orange drops were a little bit brighter than Mallory...
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    Garnet G45tr Revolution 1 Help

    Hey Wingman. I wish you some good luck, but I believe that Gar tweaked his designs and had multiple revisions, much like Traynor amps (Us damn Canadians... ALWAYS STRIVING FOR PERFECTION! lol) Unfortunately, unlike Traynor amps, the Garnet amp variations aren't always well documented. AND...
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    Vintage amp safety question here...

    To add my $0.02 Canadian funds.... Don't use the amp. DEFINITELY don't gig with it... until you take care of it. We had one get traded in at the shop I work at (not the same model, but similar type... Garnet "Stencil" amps as they call them up here) To be honest the amps like this don't...
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    NOS tube longevity......NONSENSE!!

    Real world-wise, I don't know if I would hear a big difference with NOS tubes in a band setting. I have tried int he past and it wasn't easy to hear a difference. I've also had some NOS tubes just up and die on me, something i have only had once with new tubes. Lets also face that a lot of us...
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    The latest "What to build" question lol

    I tried kt66s before when this amp was more of a JTM45, the jcm800 and didn't find a huge improvement, but of course I had an issue with the cathode follower i missed for several build variations. I think i have a pair of kt66s here somewhere, but i don't think they are gold lions. The amp is...
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    Favorite pre-amp question

    I am far from an expert, but there are lots of guys who can explain the ins and out of your questions far better than I can. Just to touch on your "Champ with a full TMB tone stack", blackface champs (AA764 models) DO have a full tone stack, it's just that Fender subbed in a fixed resistor...
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    Favorite pre-amp question

    I think you are are over-simplifying the whole gain stage idea. If you look at a champ vs a Blackface deluxe, they are pretty much the same thing preamp wise. leave out the Phase inverter/power amp from the mix, and they are incredibly similar. One utility gain stage, driving a tone stack...